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SK14-13➸At a Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport hangar Saturday, Majcunich-Beasley and Malia commended Sikes for his actions 18 years earlier.◦IPI50R299CPXKSA1➢Update: U.S. fighter jets shot down the balloon off the South Carolina coast Saturday afternoon. Read the latest here.▄

←In the U.S., the bipartisan willingness to marshal resources for the pandemic began to fall apart as the years wore on. The White House and federal health agencies have requested more funding to continue managing COVID-19 and prepare for the next pandemic threat, but Congressional Republicans questioned the need for it.►


▐Garcia said that's when Oropesa came to his house and shot Garcia's wife, Sonia Argentina Guzman, before entering the home and firing on other people inside. Ten people were in the home at the time of the shooting, Capers said.▔CMR1-02 TR13 PBFREE▓The host Thursday night was "Saturday Night Live" head writer Colin Jost, who inspired nervous laughter with jokes about the risks of being in the same room as Rushdie, likening it to sharing a balcony section with Abraham Lincoln. He also referred briefly to the Hollywood writers strike, which has left "Saturday Night Live" off the air since early May, saying it was "disorienting" to spend the afternoon on a picket line and then show up "for the museum cocktail hour."↜UDZVTE-175.1B♕My mom was an angel. She was a true angel. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her son. I saw all the social media reactions to my post. I've received so many direct messages on Twitter and Facebook, and I don't know 99 percent of the people who sent them. Those people were her patients, colleagues and friends. Some were even strangers. The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors put an announcement on Twitter about my mom's death and people from all over showed up. They sent me their condolences and asked me if I needed anything. It's just in the Sudanese people's nature to support each other. My mom did so much good for people that I didn't even know about.▬BC368,126▣In January, Santos voluntarily stepped down from his committee amidst outcry over his fabricated biography and ongoing questions surrounding his personal and campaign finances.➝

↯SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol on Monday called for officials to map out specific steps to hasten security and economic cooperation with Japan following his weekend summit in Seoul with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.✦NRVTS1245EMFST3G♪Drugs used in medication-induced abortions — which make up the majority of those provided nationally — could be dispensed only in person or by a physician under the Florida law. Separately, nationwide access to the abortion pill mifepristone is being challenged in court.❀


❐"I was glad I could do this," McClain told NPR. "One person can really make a difference. People don't think so, but this proves that one person can, no matter who they are."✃KSC2001GTA♟"They were both really tall, and I'm about 5 feet tall and small. And they were clearly drunk," she recalled.♥2N6027RLRA▌After it's released from the follicle, the egg is scooped up and enveloped by the nearby, fingerlike projections (also known as fimbriae) at the end of one of the two slender uterine tubes (sometimes called fallopian tubes) that lead to the uterus.✎S0603-3N3H2↤Singletary was already awaiting trial on felony charges from a December 2022 incident in which he allegedly beat his girlfriend in the head with a mini-sledgehammer and forbade her from leaving his apartment until she had cleaned up the evidence, according to WSOC-TV.۰

☊Mobs angered by the dramatic arrest set fire to the residence of a top army general in the eastern city of Lahore, and supporters attacked the military's headquarters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi near Islamabad. They did not reach the main building housing the offices of army chief Gen. Asim Munir.☣C317C473G3G5TA7301➷There are two stories here – one, the collection and analysis done by CIA on the deteriorating situation in Iraq and two, CIA's support of the eventual stabilization of Iraq.➸


□Alejandra Gonzalez fled Venezuela with her husband and stepson. She told NPR that they tried to turn themselves into border patrol in El Paso before the policy ended. But, after waiting out in the hot sun for days, she said, they never got the chance.➸IRF6215L-103◊"Aurora kept saying, 'It's bombing outside. We need to go to the basement,' " her father, Alex, remembers.♧1808J2000472KDR✯Not only was Thompson's cell filthy, but his body was covered in insect bites, including on his ears, mouth and nose, Crump said in a statement.◇2225Y0100563JXT◑Robert Louis Singletary, 24, turned himself in to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Tampa — some 600 miles away from the shooting — on Thursday afternoon, Gaston County police said.↔

•"From the Fed's point of view, I think a softer labor market is welcome, if it's a controlled slowdown," House said. "They don't want to see the labor market just really quickly freeze up and start to see significant job losses. But they would like to see hiring slow down, more workers coming back into the labor market, reducing some of that inflationary pressure."↭0805Y2504P30BQT⊙LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After seven deaths raised questions about the future of horse racing, Mage earned a surprising Kentucky Derby victory on Saturday, capping a nerve-rattling day that included two more fatalities ahead of the 149th edition of the world's most famous race.▂

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