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✎An internal GOP memo to prepare McDaniel reflected full knowledge of what would be asked, setting out the specifics of the show's lengthy opening segment — including its guests and subjects — and Hannity's main points. They focused on suspicions of voter fraud.▶CC0603CPNPO9BNR82➥Kirby also told reporters said that the Biden administration was left unaware of the "corrosive effect" the Doha agreement had on Afghan defense forces in part "because we couldn't see the plans the previous administration allegedly worked on during the transition ... none of those plans were forthcoming."♪C0603C622J4JAC7867↔He said he was rescued from the roof by paramedics and treated for a sprained ankle.▨TPSD476K025H0125◇As Britons prepare for the coronation of King Charles III, we take a look at the United Kingdom's last coronation — for Queen Elizabeth II.⇩

↱Horse trainer Saffie Joseph, Jr. has been suspended indefinitely from the Kentucky Derby and other Churchill Downs races, after two of the horses in his care mysteriously died, the organization said Thursday.☻2256R-06J☋Detroit executive vice president and general manager Brad Holmes said the two "exhibited decision making that is not consistent with our organizational values and violates league rules."∎


⇅Other research has found that pure silence can be healing. In one study on mice, scientists tracked brain cell growth among mice that were exposed to white noise, mice pup sounds, classical music and ambient sounds, and they compared those mice with mice that were left in silence. The mice that were left in silence had the most significant brain cell growth, leading researchers to conclude that the act of listening to silence regenerates nerve cells.◎1812Y1000183JDT♗The event is set to begin Monday at the Roland-Garros stadium in Paris and run to June 11.◈1210J0500221KCR▣Expand affordable housing (S.B. 102)●TAJE106K035RNJ➳"Most people didn't look into the details of how this works, we just understood they would invest the money in programing," Hussein El-Faham, a lawyer who was swept up in the scam himself, told CBS News.➡

♨"For both the South Korea and Japanese governments, the resumption of 'shuttle diplomacy' in itself is a win," he said, referring to regular visits between leaders.▧TPSC336M016S0100➸Solomon says Europe is especially popular this summer, with huge increases in the number of airline tickets purchased for the top ten destinations across the Atlantic, even though prices are up significantly.◐

☪One part of that alleged scheme was to try to get Trump to send a dissident living in the U.S. back to China to curry favor with the Chinese government.➳


♗Though she can't prove it, Angela Reynolds suspects that someone had been financially exploiting her mom. At the same time, she feels guilty for what happened to Lewis-Thorpe, who now lives with her: "There's always that part of me that's going to say, 'At what point did it turn, where I could have had a different outcome?'"☪562RX5FBA102EC471MNow, any user can pay around $8 per month to obtain the badge, provided they're eligible under the company's rules.✆R36160❦WHO has issued the public health emergency declaration seven times since 2005. The designation triggers a series of rules that guide response to threatening disease outbreaks, including the fast-tracking of tests and medicines.▋BZT52C9V1-TP➚DiBiase is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, six counts of wire fraud, two counts of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and four counts of money laundering.➷

▣"Unlike Till, this lynching was carried out by those adorned in department sweatshirts and vests and their actions were sanctioned — expressly and implicitly — by the City of Memphis," the lawsuit says.▱APTDC10H601G۰On Friday, Detective Nathan Duncan of the Chandler, Arizona, Police Department read aloud a text message Vallow Daybell sent to Daybell from July 18, 2019 — one week after Cox killed Vallow in Arizona, after an apparent argument.↮

▨The container was loaded onto the Malaysia-bound vessel and the ship started its journey on January 11 from Chittagong, reaching Port Klang in Malaysia on January 17, the day he was discovered.☢


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