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☍Dr. Sarah Zain, a physiotherapist, told CBS News she had her doubts about the app even as she used it, as it appeared to be an unsustainable business model, but she thought it would take longer to fall apart. She didn't get her money out in time and ended up losing more than $7,000, which she said she needed for an upcoming surgery.⊟GA1206A3R9BXLBP31G➟This latest move is yet another blow to efforts to deliver aid during what U.N. deputy special representative for Afghanistan Ramiz Alabaro has characterized as the "world's largest humanitarian crisis," with U.N. estimates of nearly 20 million people in Afghanistan facing acute food insecurity – and more than 6.1 million of them on the brink of famine-like conditions.▫GBPC1208W➴Her campaign also relied more than any in history on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's financial support, so much so that Protasiewicz vowed to recuse herself from cases involving the state party once she takes office.▀1206J2003P00HQT◢Salinas did not fill out the forms entirely. And for one question, asking whether she has seen professional reviews of the materials, she replied, "I don't need it."↕

☆In the movie, trans performer Alina Khan plays the fiery Biba. Haider, after long being unemployed, gets a job as a dancer in Biba's show and a romance begins. Biba shares that she hopes to undergo gender-affirming surgery.❉2220J2K00221MXT▶In their decision to pull the drug immediately, Califf and chief scientist Namandjé Bumpus quoted one of the agency's advisors, Dr. Anjali Kaimal, an obstetrics and gynecology professor at the University of South Florida.⏎


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FM4734WのThe museum won't pursue Noh for any damages, according to Korean news outlets. Broadcaster MBC cites staff as saying that when the artist was told about the purloined banana, his replied that it wasn't a problem.◇GMC21X7R681J100NT⇗In his letter, Durbin said there is "ample precedent" for sitting justices to testify before Congress, citing an October 2011 Senate Judiciary hearing when then-Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer discussed the interpretation of the Constitution. The senator wrote that an appearance from Roberts, or another justice in his stead, could help re-establish Americans' faith in public institutions.◄

▐Also, the motive for putting the material online is unclear, since government intelligence agencies around the world seek to conceal, rather than reveal, secret documents they obtain.↰


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C325C622K2G5TA7301❒The town of Wrexham is in Wales, but like several other Welsh soccer clubs it competes in English soccer leagues.✉GDZ2V2B-G3-08☞The conflict in Sudan has so far resulted in over 860 deaths, thousands of injured and over one million displaced civilians. Sudanese doctors are among the few organized groups attending to the humanitarian crisis on the ground in Khartoum — but the health system is teetering on the brink of collapse.✌


❈House Republicans passed a sweeping immigration bill called the "Secure the Border Act" this past week. Every Democrat opposed the measure, and it's likely to die in the Senate. The White House has already threatened to veto the bill. But it allows Republicans to show they have an alternative vision for how to deal with the situation.◑C1206C361G5HACAUTO↕After King Charles is crowned, his Queen Consort, Camilla, will be crowned.⇟VS-MURB1020CTTRLP➻Viktoria doesn't want to shield Bohdan from this pain, from this hate, that she feels. She thinks of Bohdan, of his classmates, as children who may not get a say in their future. A generation shaped by war.♡0603J250P470BFT⊞Thriving businesses used to be commonplace in these farm-focused communities. Today it's rare.♂

▂She was talking about the police department of this suburban Northern California town, about 45 minutes northeast of Oakland.◫1111Y6300220KQT▒She said she hears from members that they rarely have time to eat lunch or use the bathroom during their shifts.⊞

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