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SIS782DN-T1-GE3✦"The only thing that we can do when you all, you men in the chamber, metaphorically keep slapping women by raising abortion again and again and again, is for us to slap you back with our words," she said.❀1808J2000820MDR☆The Louisiana District Attorneys Association did not return multiple requests for comment, but the group's executive director, Loren Lampert, has previously stressed the importance of reassuring "victims and survivors of the integrity and finality of the crimes against the community."⇋

⇟ODNI also released a significantly redacted fact sheet describing some of the investigative efforts, which included Dark Web searches, reviewing CCTV footage and building floorplans, and creating digital and physical 3D models of incident locations.♈


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VJ1812A330KBHAT4X▣At least one member of the South African choir had been to the Virginia choir's August 1890 performance in Kimberley: Josiah Semouse, a writer and post office clerk. His review encapsulates the kind of impact the group had on Black South Africans.↸1206Y1000122KET♀The short answer is: Probably not, unless it somehow gets leaked.♀


○A video posted on Russian messaging app channels showed the cafe after the explosion. Tables and chairs were broken and stained by blood, and shards of glass littered the floor.✐2534-02H➺What are people saying? Here's some more insight from Benton, who spoke with NPR about the future of Gannett and print media.☇1808Y0160333JXT◇Potential investors were offered various plans starting from only about $10, with a fixed profit promised of $1 per day over a specific period. The investment options ranged up to an $800 crypto-mining "machine" with a $55 per-day payout.☢1210J0500181GFR☭The vote was being closely watched to see if the strategically located NATO country — which has a coast on the Black Sea to the north, and neighbors Iran, Iraq and Syria to the south — remains under the control of the increasingly authoritarian president or can embark on a more democratic course that was envisioned by Kilicdaroglu.×

█Zelenskyy's press secretary later walked back those previous comments.₪C0603C430J8HACAUTO☜Search-and-rescue coordinators, who reached out to marinas near Cabo San Lucas, have not received any sightings of the boat, the Coast Guard added.⇃


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1210Y1K00682MXT☺SpaceX says it expected the debris had fallen somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, and it'll work with local authorities for recovery operations. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says the team will try to test the rocket again in a few months.☛C0603X6S1C223K030BC➜"It's not a business-as-usual macro economy right now," New York Federal Reserve Bank president John Williams said Tuesday. "There's just a lot of churn, if you will, going on in supply and demand."↰


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