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┱After the oath, Charles is expected to be anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will pour the oil onto a spoon and anoint Charles' hands, head and breast.▫


↠Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, was also in the vehicle. The group was apparently tailed by half a dozen vehicles with blacked-out windows.♀2EZ160D2E3/TR12⇚But a recent report from the Government Accountability Office found that 70% of the records the DOJ received were missing at least one required data point. Federal officials also lacked a plan to take corrective action against states that didn't meet reporting requirements, the GAO found.⇕CWR11HK475KCB\W⊕Congress knew what it was doing when it enacted section 230, he said. "What it wanted was to facilitate broad online debate and to make those platforms accessible to everyone."◑MR041A121GAATR1◑Want more on infrastructure and the future? Listen to Consider This on how the EPA wants millions more electric vehicles on the roads.♩

❒In August 1955, Till had traveled from Chicago to visit relatives in Mississippi. Donham — then 21 and named Carolyn Bryant — accused him of making improper advances on her at a grocery store where she was working in the small community of Money. The Rev. Wheeler Parker, a cousin of Till who was there, has said Till whistled at the woman, an act that flew in the face of Mississippi's racist social codes of the era.UGB5HTHE3/81♨Airline passengers who run into problems from flight disruptions to lost luggage this summer can find out more about their rights and the airlines' responsibilities at the Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Consumer Protection. The site also links to a dashboard listing which airlines are willing to pay for meals, ground transportation, hotels and other expenses incurred because of significant delays and cancellations that are the airline's fault. It also link to a site where consumers can file complaints.♠

♥Health centers say they are better able to retain workers and improve patient care when they can reduce the number of violent incidents, said Mike Hodges, secretary of the Georgia chapter of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety. State laws governing how hospitals can respond to violence vary.✡


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VJ0402D1R5CLCAJ⇐The marketing world has shifted dramatically with the rise of social media influencers. Content creators, who accumulate large followings with their perceived authenticity, are part of an industry that was valued at $16.4 billion in 2022 and has grown nearly tenfoldin the past six years. Nowadays, nearly 75 percent of marketers use influencers to promote products, according to data from Mekanism.ⓞRDE5C2E222J2M1H03A£Filmmaker and author Kenneth Anger was a legendary Hollywood character, a visionary inheritor of an international avant-garde scene. But he also reveled in the vulgar and esoteric and essentially disappeared from the public eye for nearly a decade before his death.↘


☼The G-7 will "resolutely reject the threat or use of nuclear weapons and uphold the international order based on the rule of law," Kishida said. "As G-7 chairman, I will convey my strong will to have an impact on history."▣GRM31A5C2H820JW01D◆"I'm just using art to tell a story that's already available, just in a different way," he said.♗0805Y5000471KDR⊙Markets initially breathed a sigh of relief on Monday. But the relief did not last long.❤5022-132F◙You're left with a judgment that has a lot of uncertainty surrounding it, but you don't see it.①

➹Sudan experienced a "near-total collapse" of internet and phone service Sunday, according to the monitoring service NetBlocks.▨PD54R-392M➙The vast majority of Asian adults — and U.S. adults in general — agreed that accepting those with diverse racial and religious backgrounds and believing in individual freedoms were important.↩


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