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Near a window, a cluster of plastic pots with the sprouts of African violets sat on a table, each flower planted by a student in the days before schools in Kharkiv shut down. A gift for their mothers. Ready to grow. Full of potential.☪GCM219R72A273KA37J»She says fixing the nation's immigration system, paying farmworkers better wages and providing summer programs for young people will keep parents from even having to consider bringing their children to work.♨2-2176086-2☠The governor didn't go into detail about why he believes Perry should be pardoned, but he cited Perry's attorney's explanation that Perry shot Foster in self-defense.•C0603X562K4JAC7867₪"Most of our girls have known Meg for half their life. She'd been a mentor to them since 7th grade. She was the heart and soul of this program, as you all well know," Embark wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday.▷

▶While the lawsuit will move forward in a federal court in Manhattan, Jordan has already announced the committee's next step: the House Judiciary Committee will hold a "field hearing" Monday in New York, featuring people they're calling "victims" of Bragg's policies. The hearing will take place a short distance from both Bragg's office and the courthouse where Trump was arraigned.↢MLG0402Q0N4CT000❤"Carriers have taken responsibility for challenges within their control and continue working diligently to improve operational reliability as demand for air travel rapidly returns," said the spokeswoman, Hannah Walden. "This includes launching aggressive, successful hiring campaigns for positions across the industry and reducing schedules in response to the FAA's staffing shortages."♈


★And citing three unnamed sources familiar with the situation, Rolling Stone reports that some of Trump's aides and advisers have pushed him to "turn his [mug shot] into fuel for a fundraising drive, or as a potent new symbol on 2024 campaign merchandise."➜1206GA470JAT1A∴The suit does not mention a specific dollar amount being sought by the Nichols family. However, Crump said during a news conference last month that the family is seeking $550 million in damages.↭GA0805A6R8DXEBP31G↕Jurors found defendant Dominic Pezzola not guilty of seditious conspiracy. Pezzola is well known for taking a shield from a police officer on Jan. 6 and using it to bash in a window at the Capitol.↕VJ0603D360KLCAJ♣On a call with Wall Street analysts after the bank released its earnings, CEO Mike Roffler said he has been in close contact with state and federal regulators.✌

✄The bill cleared the GOP-controlled Legislature after a final vote in the Senate over the objections of Democrats, who used parliamentary maneuvers in recent weeks to delay passage but could not derail it entirely.✉STPS30L40CW◈At the last hospital in Oklahoma she went to during her ordeal last month, Statton says staff told her and her husband that she could not get a surgical abortion until she became much sicker.▒


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MMBT2132T3☢"So, it's often that we're not buckled in when these clear-turbulence events happen," Nelson says.➥1206Y1K20330JCR◦In the last few days, thousands of migrants have reached tiny Lampedusa, which lies about 150 kilometers (90 miles) from the Tunisian coast.☽


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BZX84C22-HE3-08⊕Separatism is a sensitive issue in Nigeria, where a declaration of an independent Biafra Republic by Igbo army officers in the southeast in 1967 triggered a three-year civil war that left more than one million dead.⇙1206J2000220JCT▂Federal regulators have approved new mandatory safety standards for dressers and other clothing storage units sold in the U.S., after decades of furniture tip-overs that have injured and in some cases killed children.☢


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APT13GP120BG♨Protasiewicz has been sick and off the campaign trail for the past few days, according to her aides. Kelly's campaign says he's made more than 20 stops over the last four days, including Sunday afternoon at Milwaukee County Republican headquarters in West Allis.◐2225J0160470FFR⇔In addition to Italy and Germany, arrest warrants were also served in Belgium, France, Portugal, Romania and Spain, while raids were also conducted in Slovenia.☚

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