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▊"What we hadn't anticipated is what we found – the confusion, the contradictory statements, the misinformation," Heisler says. "Three of the 34 hospitals said they'd just never provide abortions," for example, even though there are exceptions written into the laws. Four hospitals said doctors needed to go through an approval process to be able to provide a medically necessary abortion, and 14 hospitals provided unclear answers about whether there was such an approval process.ぃ

◇Roads leading to the famous Shwedagon pagoda — a Buddhist shrine that dominates Yangon's skyline and is usually thronged by worshippers — were largely deserted.•


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0603Y0250561KCR£WOOD: We really thought because he and about ten of his fellow terrorists were in Baghdad for several months that the Iraqis had to know. And that was further boosted by the fact that a foreign service said they told the IIS where they were. But the II S came back and said they couldn't find them. So we thought, okay, they know they're there, but there's no reporting to us that says they're directing them, that they're involved with them, no control, no direction, and that there was not any sense that the Iraqi leadership was in any way. Authorizing their actions.あFQD19N10LTM♈MARGARET BRENNAN: So you have called in an op ed for common sense regulation. You do want Congress to act, you say with smaller bank oversight. You say the role of the board of directors should be evaluated because of what happened at SVB. Apparently, they didn't have a lot of experience on it, that the $250,000 limit on deposit insurance should be raised. Elizabeth Warren hit the same numbers you did two, five and $10 Million.✌


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VJ1206A5R0DXBAT❤While it is unclear when the appeals court will rule on Holmes' latest effort to undo her conviction, her co-defendant, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, the No. 2 at Theranos, was able to postpone his sentence by about a month due to a similar automatic appeals court delay.⇒1808Y1K00102JXR➥While acknowledging that "we have a mental health crisis and we should be doing whatever we can to prevent students from harming themselves," she remains skeptical about the lack of "independent evidence that these tools do that."☞


☂Kirby said if the Russians manage to recover the wreckage of the MQ-9 Reaper drone from the Black Sea, it would yield almost nothing of value.⇠1206Y0630272FFT✈NEW YORK — The co-founder of a fundraising group linked to Steve Bannon that promised to help Donald Trump construct a wall along the southern U.S. border was sentenced to four years and three months in prison on Wednesday for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors.ЮS1210R-823H➩Freight railways are an efficient means to transport the roughly 1.6 billion tons of goods nationwide across nearly 140,000 miles (225,308 kilometers), much cleaner than if those goods were trucked, it said.▣C0402C0G1C5R6D→After a bruising day, Trump took to the stage at his Mar-a-Lago estate in the same spot where he announced his third bid for presidency.⇟

▀"Our focus is on sustaining viable populations of native wildlife species, rather than protecting individual animals," reads an NPS webpage on the policy. "An animal's survival depends on its own daily decisions and natural selection."☢GRM1555C1H2R8CA01D♤"Haha that would [be] sickkk," Musk said.◄


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