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1210Y0634P70CAT¤Singh has styled himself after Bhindranwale, with a long, flowing beard. He also dresses like Bhindranwale.▮LQP02HQ3N6C02L☆--that he thought the CIA was so good that it would see through that secret and know that the weapons were gone;♦


The Mainichi Shimbun reports that the foundation was "surprised" that so few people want to live so long, and they're concerned about how Japan will support those facing death.◫C921U330JYNDCA7317♖NASA administrator Bill Nelson said he is already looking forward to seeing what the next launch could bring. "Every great achievement throughout history has demanded some level of calculated risk," he wrote in a Tweet. "Because with great risk comes great reward."☃T491D336K035ZT☪Last year, President Joe Biden's administration offered all households a limited number of at-home tests for free, increasing access to testing as part of its effort to combat COVID.♨C0805C750K5HACAUTO◊In December, the army agreed to hand power back to a civilian-led government this month, but the plan has been held back by tensions between the army and RSF over who should lead and become de facto head of state prior to elections.■

◐Tucker Carlson, who was Fox News' biggest star until his abrupt firing last month, says he's taking his show to Twitter.▨1206Y1K20121MXR¤After questioning the suspect, investigators linked her to other cyanide poisoning cases.↧


ºTroopers asked McCarthy to stop throwing money onto the roadway because it was creating a traffic hazard, and he agreed. No criminal charges were being considered against him, officials said.✙K182M15X7RH53L2❈All are members of the so-called OPEC+ group of oil exporting countries, which includes the original Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as well as Russia and other major producers. There was no immediate statement from OPEC itself.♤SR10100 C0G▥And the role of owner/producer of major companies like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment has long been crucial in shaping artists' styles and music.▫RD2.7E-T4-AZ☝Two days before the apology was issued, the Auschwitz Memorial called the WWE "shameless" in a statement on Twitter.⇪

█The punishment will separate Holmes from her current partner, William "Billy" Evans, their 1-year-old son, William, and 3-month-old daughter, Invicta. Holmes' pregnancy with Invicta — Latin for "invincible," or "undefeated" — began after a jury convicted her on four counts of fraud and conspiracy in January 2022.☃MA0402CG561J160×The assailant in Thursday's attack shot people in two villages near Mladenovac, a municipality located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the capital, police said. Vucic said the gunman targeted people "wherever they were."ⓞ

The last British coronation for Elizabeth captivated people across the world. It is unclear if King Charles and his wife's anointing will garner the same jubilation.⇚


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IHLP6767GZER100M01►Alina Habba, an attorney representing Trump in several legal matters, argued on CNN on Monday that mug shots would be unnecessary in Trump's case.➶GCJ188R72A822KA01J⊙An Italian air force C-130 that left Khartoum with evacuees landed Sunday night at an air base in Djibouti, the Defense Ministry said. Another plane, carrying Italy's ambassador and military personnel involved in the evacuation, was expected in Djibouti later in the night.▨


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