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☣The population plummeted to the brink of extinction in the 1970s because of hunting, habitat destruction and lead poisoning from animals eating shot with lead bullets.♨


☜People who suspect that debris from the fire ended up on their property are being encouraged to call the Richmond Community Helpline and also register their information with the EPA.▧GRM0336R1HR50CD01D☆Woodmont Baptist Church is about two miles from where the shooting took place. On Monday, the church was also where anxious parents waited to reunite with their children who attend Covenant.♘CDR03BX683AKYSAR▪Into that portal, he lowered a mic until it was touching the massive tangle of roots below.유VJ0603A1R2BXAAP▅The pasta came in a variety of shapes, from spaghetti to macaroni — mounds of it sitting along a wooded bank of Iresick Brook. Photos from the scene set off a range of reactions, from pasta puns to bafflement over who would do such a thing — and why?▄

▨The CPSC tweeted last week that it had taken action after noticing a lack of stock photos showing people with disabilities using common home safety devices, from carbon monoxide detectors to fire extinguishers to flashlights. And it shared a link to a page on its website with more than a dozen such photos.☪TBME107K020LSLB0H45☆Carter later married Patricia M. Derian, a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement who sought to transform U.S. foreign policy as President Carter's assistant secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs.▋


♠In a news conference held after Trump's appearance in court on Tuesday afternoon, Bragg clarified what prosecutors view as two possible other crimes in the Trump case.☣1206J1000682JAT◁As the jury answered the single question of whether Sheeran proved he didn't infringe upon the copyright in the affirmative, the crooner briefly put his hands over his face in relief before standing and hugging his lawyer.卍CC0402BRNPO9BN2R4⇏GOP leaders, under pressure from hard-line conservatives, silenced Zephyr from participating in floor debates and demanded she apologize two weeks ago, after she said those who supported a ban on gender-affirming care for youths would have blood on their hands. Days later, she raised her microphone in defiance as demonstrators in the House gallery angrily demanded she be allowed to speak, leading to seven arrests and Zephyr's banishment from the House floor.↔S1812R-823J○She recounts this incident in her memoir "Good Power," released last month. She actually gained weight after that conversation, so her weight didn't hinder her own career. But Rometty acknowledges that women are judged more harshly than men on appearance in the workplace, and she laments that nothing has changed⇟

▯SpaceX launched the ticket-holding crew, led by a retired NASA astronaut now working for the company that arranged the trip. Also on board: a U.S. businessman who now owns a sports car racing team.➢VS-ST110S12P0V▣"I'll be working with my colleagues to hold the BIA accountable and find a legislative fix," Tester told NPR.☪

♕Criminal District Judge Clifford Brown was to set a date for the sentencing at a hearing this week.✐


↪The Skoll Award's financial prize is offered as unrestricted funding and flexible support. Rogers says Reach Digital Health plans to use this influx of funds to teach other organizations and institutions across the world to replicate their work. "The goal is not world domination," she says. "We've built up a model now that we know is impactful. It saves lives. We know that it's scalable."➤1PMT4131C/TR13☣NPR's Ximena Bustillo, Barbara Sprunt and David Gura contributed to this story.▰C318C750J3G5TA◥In a move that might anger some China hawks, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng is also attending. Han was the architect of Beijing's 2019 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.⇝C1206X222KMGEC↓Former President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson are among the Republicans who've already announced their bid for the GOP ticket.▫

▪Your brain has to work overtime to ignore sounds. Inside the cochlea — the spiral cavity of the inner ear that produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations — there are inner hair cells and outer hair cells that interact to amplify or deamplify the vibrations. Say you are listening to a piece of music on the radio, but traffic noise is in the background. Kraus says your brain will tell the outer hair cells to slow down and deamplify the traffic noise to protect your ears.⇃P160-562GS♘"Excited to announce that I've a new CEO for X/Twitter. She will be starting in ~6 weeks!," Musk wrote on Twitter.♥


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