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☛The World Health Organization has lifted the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) for COVID-19.▒


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1812Y1K00180FAT░Comer claimed the panel had obtained bank records showing Biden's family, including his son Hunter, received millions from individuals connected with Romania and China.◑C320C152G3G5TA⇙Cavazos earned the Silver Star and two Distinguished Service Cross awards for his service during the two conflicts — for actions such as evacuating wounded soldiers before having his own injuries treated during the Korean War and exposing himself to enemy fire while leading attacks in the Vietnam War.➯


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CKC18X183FCGAC7210↼It was unclear how many of the injured victims were wounded by gunfire.✐1808J0250823KXT☃Charles and Camilla will depart Buckingham Palace in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach — which looks ancient but is actually only 10 years old. It's pulled by horses but also has electric windows, air conditioning and hydraulic stabilizers to prevent it from swaying.◘

۰Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs, who led Washington to its three Super Bowl titles, said he has gotten to know Harris and his leadership team and fully supports the ownership group.▥


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DMP3010LK3-13◘Climate scientists say cyclones can now retain their energy for many days. Cyclone Amphan in eastern India in 2020 continued to travel over land as a strong cyclone and caused extensive devastation.►CWR09FC156MR➨The Italian coast guard said Monday it was completing operations to rescue 800 migrants on a ship intercepted around 193 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of the Sicilian town of Syracuse.↭

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