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ЮThe prosecution has repeatedly emphasized the young lives that were cut short. And in the trial's first days, prosecutors showed jurors graphic photographs to illustrate that, and the way in which the bodies were disposed. The court was shown the "charred remains" of Tylee, along with photos of JJ's body, showing him wearing red pajamas and socks, partially bound by duct tape.◨GA0805A181JBABR31G◆Denise Lajimodiere, a citizen of the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa Indians in Belcourt, has written several award-winning books of poetry. She's considered a national expert on the history of Native American boarding schools and wrote an academic book called "Stringing Rosaries" in 2019 on the atrocities experienced by boarding school survivors.⇒1206Y1K28P20DCR▪Travelers who are checking luggage should also be sure to pack an extra change of clothes or two and medications and other necessities in their carry-on bag, in case there's a significant delay or cancellation after you've checked in.↱RF081LAM2STFTR⊞“We are not the morality police, and you cannot be someone else’s conscience,” she added later. “We must let people make these decisions for themselves.”↳

✿Adams thinks that's what happened with her kids' Medicaid coverage. Her son, who survived leukemia, recently had a follow-up biopsy appointment canceled because he was no longer insured. Adams is now working with navigators at the Family Healthcare Foundation to get coverage back.↘ES2DHE3_A/H➦Colly drifts through his life; he's somewhat engaged, but troubled. He gets kicked out of school after a fight, but finds some meaning in an internship at an art museum. Through it all, he is visited by his mother's spirit, able to have conversations with her. He finds himself retreating inward after his loss: "These days I keep looking for myself in books. I can't see anything out my window at night and I choose my friends too wisely. It is easier to talk to you in the early hours, when my timeline is asleep. More beautiful, you feel. The books are the only things that prove to me we belong to the treble of the universe."➲


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TPSS475M006R4000◑"I want a new thing, a new power, and a new way," said Tidawan, who didn't want to give her last name. "Under the military, nothing is going to change."☢GA0805A470GBEBT31G↦Trump himself did not invoke the name of Bryan, but some around him did. His chief strategist Steven Bannon told the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference that Trump was "probably the greatest speaker in those large arenas since William Jennings Bryan."☜


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C318C160JAG5TA7301☢Publishers, she wrote on her website before the Scholastic apology, "want to sell our suffering, smoothed down and made palatable to the white readers they prioritize. ... Our voices are the first sacrifice at the altar of marketability."♬CGA4J4C0G2W392J125AE▊Broadly speaking, she says, media organizations want to sidestep any chance for a judge or appellate court to revisit the very high standard of proving "actual malice," established in a landmark 1964 ruling in a case involving The New York Times. The law currently favors news organizations. Yet several U.S. Supreme Court Justices have expressed an interest in altering or reforming that standard.☣


➘A ProPublica investigation found that Cleveland Clinic's private police force disproportionately charges and cites Black people. And in March, a video emerged showing police and hospital staff members in Virginia holding down a patient who was experiencing a mental health crisis, leading to his death. In 23% of emergency department shootings from 2000 to 2011, the perpetrator took a gun from a security officer, according to a Johns Hopkins University study. The November CMS memo noted several hospital incidents involving police in which the agency cited the facility for failing to provide a safe environment.↷MURB820-1➬In July, a caller reported finding "human organs" and "human skin" resting in three five-gallon buckets in Pauley's basement, the press release says.█1825J5000390FCT▣"The need for disclosure outweighs the need for secrecy," Taylor wrote in his decision to release the report, saying a "public reckoning" may be the only form of justice available to some victims.⇚SA101A181JAR✤In a recording career that spanned six decades, Turner found fame both as a solo artist and in a duo with her first husband, Ike Turner. With the latter, she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and became a staple of the U.S. pop and R&B charts in the 1960s and '70s. The duo's high-energy soul and rock was informed by Tina's disparate vocal influences. She grew up listening to country music, but had many idols: '50s R&B singers LaVern Baker and Faye Adams; gospel great Mahalia Jackson and rock pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe; blues legend B.B. King; and soul greats Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. Accordingly, she had a malleable and versatile voice, and could unleash a scalding rock growl, or dip into her lower register and sing the smoky blues or velvety R&B numbers. One of Ike & Tina's most well-known songs, "River Deep, Mountain High," was even a Phil Spector-produced, orchestral-gospel triumph.

At least half of the decline in natural lakes was driven by human-caused climate change and overconsumption. That's a finding, Yao said, that should help water managers better manage and protect threatened lakes around the world.✣S470K25SL0N63L6R▉Milić also displayed an image of a handwritten paper, listing students the suspect wanted to target, along with a sketch of the school's layout. The attack was likely planned at least a month in advance, he said.☆

☠The online survey, commissioned by the Japan Hospice Palliative Care Foundation in Osaka, asked roughly 500 men and 500 women the question: would you like to live beyond 100?○


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