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CBR06C829D5GAC♠"The world has moved on from that. Don has moved on from that," Licht continued. "Don was the first one to go, 'I'm tired of having to set my hair on fire every night. I want to try something new.' "✄CKR22CG822JS⊙CBS Morning News – February 5, 2004▔


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C326C563K5G5TA☁The federal investigation into Santos' behavior has been handled by the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn.☻CAS18C221JARFC♡President Biden was briefed on the shooting, according to the White House, which said Biden and his team have been in contact with local authorities to offer support and are closely monitoring the situation.⊞


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MLG0603P1N1ST000◆Who are they? The tiny disc-like critters are colonial hydrozoans, classified under the phylum of cnidaria, and their eponymous genus of Velella (not a Game of Thrones reference).✪RL875S-221K▨In a recent report, the U.N. refugee agency describes the dynamics of border crossings in and out of Ukraine as "pendular," noting that people tend to travel back and forth, rather than exclusively out of the country. Mirroring this definition are the hesitations of those Ukrainians who try to navigate the precarious dynamics of displacement and family separation.☀

ⓞSenate Bill 673, introduced last week, would create the "Ebony Alert" system for missing Black children and young women. When activated, the proposed system – similar to Amber or Silver alerts — would inform people of missing Black children and young women.☀


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TAZF475K025CBSB0023☏Basic rule of cancer treatments: Evidence wins. We need evidence to believe anything works. That's especially true for cancer.⇘VJ0805A5R6DLEAJ32♣White has been under police internal investigation since the incident and has been suspended from duty with pay since Tuesday.∎

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