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⇎Owen wasn't always allowed to use the slingshot at home, because he would occasionally break things, but Margaret said she was glad her son picked it up when he did, and called his actions that day "very impressive."➧

☼Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to evaluate whether it's possible for another Democrat to temporarily take her place on the committee.↨


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1812Y0160151FCR♭After months of heavy rains that have turned roads into tire-popping swiss cheese for many commuters, Schwarzenegger struck a chord when he released a video of himself and a crew filling a depression on a street with packaged asphalt patch.⇑GRM2196P2A1R4CD01D⇤It's not uncommon for governors — especially those in large states — to take government-owned planes or helicopters on official business. But DeSantis has been criticized for how he's used taxpayer-funded aircraft in the past.☍


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MA0201XR471M500▩Humphries, a law school dropout, found major success as an actor, writer and entertainer in Britain in the 1970s, but the United States was an ambition that he found stubbornly elusive.↙CKR22BX562KMⓔ"I really don't think that that is ever gonna happen. I would never write a musical or anything like that because I (expletive) hate musicals," said Adele to laughter. "I also think the EGO suits me better."⇈


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1812J2K50151FCT☍Success in a televised circus유C0805C222G8HAC7800☝Wildfires are a "serious threat" to their habitat, as the flames continue to threaten the Amazon rainforest at large.◣

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