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BZD27B27P-E3-08✤Police declined to release more information about the investigation into the shootings, which they described as ongoing. They declined to speculate on a possible motive or the weapon that was used. The origins and ownership of the firearms used remain unclear.○C901U220JZSDCAWL20▉RATHER: This is a CBS News special report – Dan Rather reporting from CBS News World Headquarters in New York. The secretary of state for the United States Colin Powell is appearing before the United Nations Security Council here in New York City to prevent, to present evidence Saddam Hussein is violating the council resolution.⇓


✿Warnock, who represents Georgia, said his own children were in lockdown in their school due to the shooting.☆NTE2386♡If convicted, he would face up to five years in prison for the conspiracy count, up to 20 years for each wire fraud count and up to 10 years for each count of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and for each count of money laundering, the Justice Department said.▫TBJD686K020JBLC0024⊞"This additional liquidity would support Credit Suisse's core businesses and clients as Credit Suisse takes the necessary steps to create a simpler and more focused bank built around client needs," the bank said.┱VS-HFA08TA60CSTRLP☺Recounting the band's origins, Rourke told MOJO magazine that he had taken lessons in classical guitar but later switched to bass after realizing that the bassist in an early band he was in with Marr could only play one song: "Don't Believe A Word," by Thin Lizzy.【

☈The judge asked both sides to file a plan for how to proceed by May 11. The judge said the defendants may be sentenced sometime in August.↝FSBB15CH60BT♐"Many financial institutions have policies and practices in place that effectively exclude some immigrants from access to banking services and to credit due to immigration status, even among those with prime or near-prime credit scores," the CFPB's Sonia Lin later wrote in a post.♔


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1210Y2500152GFRのIran's government for months has been trying to allege — without offering evidence — that foreign countries have fomented the unrest gripping the Islamic Republic since the death of 22-year-old Amini in September after her detention by the morality police. Protesters say they are angry over the collapse of the economy, heavy-handed policing and the entrenched power of the country's Islamic clergy.£0805J2500273MXT☆And that's what he needs to do because over the last three election cycles, his brand has proven toxic in competitive states and districts — the precise places Republicans need to win to take back the White House.♡

↪Brittany's father, Nathan Brewer, confirmed to local media outlet News on 6 that his daughter was among the victims.✎


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K682J15X7RF5UH5☭Santos, who has previously admitted to "embellishing" his resume, has repeatedly denied any criminal wrongdoing.⊕1SMA4761-GT3TR➩"We traveled 15 hours on land at our own risk," Suliman al-Kouni, an Egyptian student, said at the Arqin border crossing with Egypt. Buses lined up at the remote desert crossing carrying hundreds of people, he said. Al-Kouni was among dozens of Egyptian students making the trek. "But many of our friends are still trapped in Sudan," he said.▥

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