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↬So, what now?☣


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M39003/09-0301/TR▧Ford’s about-face came after news reports focused attention on the elimination of the nation’s 4,700 AM stations from vehicles produced by eight manufacturers and after a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers joined in support of a bill that would require cars to include AM radios.➢RCH110BNP-101K⇘The BJP has become increasingly authoritarian since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was reelected in 2019 and there is growing pressure on judges to rule in accordance with the party's demands, activists say.★


➷NBC News reported that the suspect made threatening statements about the White House, and that a Nazi flag was seized by authorities at the scene.↳C1206X473KCRACTU○Matthew Myers, president of the nonprofit Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said it was a mistake for the federal government to take a back seat on the tobacco master settlement more than two decades ago.☾3500-471K▧"These inflators are two decades old now, and they pose a 50% chance of rupturing in even a minor crash," NHTSA Acting Administrator Ann Carlson said in a statement. "Don't gamble with your life or the life of someone you love – schedule your free repair today before it's too late."▬CCR77CG122JM♐The IRS won't threaten to have the police arrest you or demand that you make an immediate payment with a specific payment type, like a prepaid debit card. "That's a sure sign that it's a scam," Brown says.✃

⇐Aimed at young adult readers though likely gratifying for all ages, Sunshine is earnestly told, rendered as it is in Krosoczka's steady lines and delicate washes. Some of his visuals, especially the larger, silent images, could easily pass for small paintings. Composed of eight chapters, the small volume of comics follows our narrator from his entry as a volunteer into this unknown world to its impactful aftermath. As the author/illustrator explains in his introduction, this was not a sad endeavor, as so many people told him they would have expected it to be. Instead it was life-affirming. "The kids I met weren't dying — they were living," he explains. "Living life to its fullest."⇒CDR32BP101BKUMAB★Twitter labelled CBC/Radio-Canada "government-funded media" — the same label that prompted National Public Radio in the U.S. to similarly quit Twitter last Wednesday.☜


▪"I was nervous, but I did my best, and I'm super proud of myself," Lee told reporters at the time. "It's crazy. I didn't ever think I'd be here."◤ECJ-2YB2A153K←Galbo says the commission is committed to its audience on Twitter, while looking for additional platforms to join, too. Its signature PSAs could soon be making their way to sites like Tumblr, Mastodon or BlueSky.█SQCFVA330FAT1A░Among the accounts were those of a Ukrainian youth who at first fled to Italy where his grandmother works to escape the war at home, but later, homesick, returned to Ukraine. Following that account was that of a young Russian who said his brother died, presumably after being sent to fight in Ukraine, which Russia invaded in February 2022.┱2220Y1K00122MXT☼Here's a quick guide to what's different about this strike:¤

Russian officials said Vladlen Tatarsky was killed as he was leading a discussion at the cafe on the bank of the Neva River in the historic heart of St. Petersburg. Some 30 people were wounded in the blast, Russia's Health Ministry reported.✚GA1206Y332MXCBR31G▣Kilicdaroglu, 74, leads a six-party opposition coalition hoping to unseat Erdogan and garnered nearly 45% of the vote.▆


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MHQ1005P3N0CTD25▄Melissa Prusinski, a research scientist and laboratory supervisor at the New York State Department of Health, warned that it can be tricky to discern if someone's exhibiting Lyme disease symptoms. People often mistake them for the flu or even COVID-19, she told NPR.▥2225Y2000222FCR▼Merkley and Tester successfully spearheaded an effort in December to appropriate $22.6 million to increase funding for the jails program.♥


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