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VJ1206Y153KXQCW1BC♈When the GSA rejected requests for documents, 17 Democratic members of the 45-person committee turned to an obscure law enacted in 1928 that allows seven members of a House committee to go to court to enforce its power to get agency records and other information.⇤CAL45TB682K●Since the book came out, I've gotten more closure. They told me they had no idea what was going on. They only know what they heard from Quinn. They thought that we didn't talk to each other anymore because I tried to unalive myself because I was jealous.◦


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C0805C224M5RECAUTO7210⋄This story comes from NPR's health reporting partnership with Kaiser Health News (KHN) and Montana Public Radio.↚VJ0603D101FLCAR↖Gregg was born in Florence, S.C., in 1928. He enlisted in 1946, two years before President Harry Truman signed an executive order to desegregate the military. After serving as a supply sergeant in Germany, Gregg decided to reenlist and make the Army his career.⇈


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NTE5013A➧Wood, who majored in broadcast journalism at Florida A&M University before entering comedy, turned sincere in his defense of media. But, he said, much of the public can't afford some of the media's "most essential, fair and nuanced reporting" — a lot of which is paywalled.☃GRM1887U1H822JA01Dღ“Anti-LGBTQ violence and hate should not be winning in America, but it will continue to until corporate leaders step up as heroes for their LGBTQ employees and consumers,” Ellis said in a statement. She added that the backlash against Target from a “small group of extremists … should be a wake-up call for consumers and is a reminder that LGBTQ people, venues, and events are being attacked with threats and violence like never before.”➣


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2225Y1K00331GFT▎The first death was reported Thursday before noon when officers found an unresponsive male in downtown's Central Park, hunched over a bench where he often sat or slept, Pytel said.ぃ4922-46L◇But because of the new trend of warmer sea surface temperatures, Taalas added, "El Niño will most likely lead to a new spike in global heating and increase the chance of breaking temperature records" that were only recently set.◆

◆A handful of other officers faced reprimand. Kindell was ordered fired, with McCraw writing in his termination letter in early January that the Ranger “should have recognized the incident was and remained an active shooter situation,” the Tribune reported. But records obtained exclusively by The Post show Kindell is still employed with the Department of Public Safety.▄

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