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➩Last week, 26-year-old actress Jung Chae-yull was found dead at her home. Her agency did not say what caused her sudden death.▆C316C132K2G5TA7301➟Details of the incident are starting to emerge as those close to it share on social media and with local news outlets. It was also captured on surveillance footage that has not yet been released.√CQ0201BRNPO8BN3R8➙The Supreme Court has issued an administrative stay in the case until late Wednesday, temporarily preserving access to mifepristone nationwide.♝SR104 R0G✌MILWAUKEE, Wis. — For about a dozen years, Republican lawmakers have set Wisconsin's policies on everything from voting laws, to gun rights, to union restrictions; for the last decade, conservatives on the state Supreme Court have protected those Republican priorities.✄

▊Each of the three characters takes a turn sharing their perspective, beginning with the beautiful unnamed wife, who doesn't work or do much but exercise, gossip and get soused with her disruptive best friend from childhood, whom her husband detests. Temi, the only named character, shows up regularly at the couple's posh home, where they're "only the third Black couple to move into the gated community in its entire eight-year existence." She routinely overstays her welcome and baits, insults and enrages the mild-mannered husband, which his wife somehow finds amusing. "I expected to live with one woman when I got married," he says. "Apparently I live with two."◄GMC10X5R124K10NT➘There have been 161 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to the independent group Gun Violence Archive. The group defines a mass shooting as any event in which there were four or more victims, excluding the shooter. The Saturday attack comes less than a week after a gunman opened fire at a bank in Louisville, Ky., killing five people and injuring nine others.■

☌It was these constructive elements "of social activism, of social justice, of lifting people up" that Williams sought to leverage, particularly within communities of color and underserved populations. And artists like DMC were eager to be a part of what Williams was building. "If hip-hop could tell people how to dress, what to drive, what to smoke, what to drink and how to act," says DMC, "why couldn't hip hop tell people how to live?"◐

☼She hopes Kilicdaroglu can restore government checks and balances, and promote respect for human rights.♥


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SB520-E3/73➱This is the first time multiple Tennessee legislators have been ousted in a single legislative session since 1866, when Tennessee was struggling to adopt citizenship rights for formerly enslaved people after the Civil War.↫1812J1000390FCT웃Young and others called for the resignations of officials who were heard speaking on the recordings.◦

⇎"While we cannot comment on any specific investigations, the FBI is aware of the numerous nationwide swatting incidents. The FBI takes swatting very seriously because it puts innocent people at risk. We urge the public to remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious activities and/or individuals to law enforcement immediately," an FBI spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement.▬


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