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FG28X7R2A332KNT00☾Nebraska's legislature is considering legislation that would nudge more school districts to sign up for the community eligibility program, to maximize the amount of federal funding schools receive.◦FJAF4310RTU★Later in the show Ballerini took to the stage flanked by drag artists, as states across the country consider legally limiting drag show performances. The Tennessee native sang "If You Go Down (I'm Going Down Too)" and danced with Kennedy Davenport, Jan Sport, Manila Luzon and Olivia Lux, all stars of the show "RuPaul's Drag Race."✌


♡Other factors she cites as likely contributing to the rise in school violence: ideological attacks on the education system, the economic crisis and a lack of social and psychological support — like help with access to therapy, jobs, affordable food and housing, and sports and cultural programs — for students and their families.▪SRU8028-8R2Y▦In finding Trump liable for battery, the jury awarded Carroll $2 million in compensatory damages, along with $20,000 in punitive damages. For the defamation claim, the jury awarded her $2.7 million in compensatory damages and an additional $280,000 for punitive damages, finding that Trump had acted "maliciously, out of hatred, ill will, spite or wanton, reckless, or willful disregard of the rights of another" when he accused her of inventing the story.█T356A334K035AT✡Asked if Twitter not taking away the label meant that the company was standing by the decision, Musk punted.↩BZX55B6V8-TAP卐For its part, Ambetter officials said in a written statement to KHN that their network in Pennsylvania "meets or exceeds regulatory standards."▨

➜On her opposition to South Carolina abortion ban:⇈S1210-821H☭"The Democrats are attacking our military, saying we need to get out the white extremists, the white nationalists, people that don't believe in our agenda, as Joe Biden's agenda," Tuberville said in the WBHM interview conducted last week. "They're destroying it."☋


⇙"I want to work with these types of people, with these types of teenagers," she says, referring to those who end up attacking schools. "I want to understand them better so that massacres like the one here in Suzano don't happen again. I'm tired of waiting for others to do something. I want to be part of the solution. I want to overcome it."↦MAC228A4G①DeSantis said Monday that he's viewed DEI initiatives as a discriminatory practice. "This bill says the whole experiment with DEI is coming to an end in the state of Florida. We are eliminating the DEI programs."☪M39003/01-5164/HSD→National Nurses United has issued a number of its own reports and surveys about the current state of the profession, which have come to similar conclusions to the AMN survey. The union has lobbied Congress hard to pass legislation that address staffing ratios and improve workplace safety provisions.↢SDE0805A-8R2M✁The governor's office said New York would be the first state in the U.S. to advance such a ban via legislation. California and Washington have taken similar steps through their building codes, Politico reported.♬

➹And the numbers are building. The 20,900 student athletes in 2021-2022 was up from 18,000 the previous year.♡S0402-15NJ3B▮Robert Malley, the U.S. special envoy for Iran, said he was "horrified" by Akbari's execution.↜


⇐The motive for the attack was still under investigation.☄1210J0160392KXR❧In 2019, over 30 horse deaths occurred at California's Santa Anita racetrack, rattling the industry and leading to safety reforms. Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Rick Dutrow had his license revoked in 2011 for 10 years by New York officials. Regulators found syringes loaded with unauthorized medication in a desk in his barn. Dutrow served his punishment and re-opened his stable last month.☛1825J6K00330KCR⊿Photos are incredibly important to the CPSC's mission of promoting awareness. Its social media graphics usually use a minimum of three to four photos each, Galbo says.▔BB 814 E6327 GR1✉While its "Blue Blood" status remains up for debate, UConn is going for its fifth national title since its first victory in 1999, having won more championships than any other team during that span. In all four previous title game appearances, they have yet to forsake a win. A win on Monday would be coach Hurley's first title with the team.◦

⇄"Nairobi, Kenya — Police in Kenya are investigating the death of an LGBTQ rights activist whose body was found stuffed in a metal box. The body of Edwin Chiloba was found on Wednesday on a road in Uasin Gishu County, in the west of the country.⇊C1206X102GAGEC»Under Texas law, Abbott can't act on his own. He can only grant a pardon after the Board of Pardons and Paroles has made a recommendation on a case. But, Abbott notes, he can ask the board to look at particular cases, like Perry's.↥

♥"She was all dolled up in cheap punky gear, the kind of club kid who looked absurdly out of place in a cardiac ward," he wrote. "She wasn't even interested in hearing me explain how much I liked her demo. 'The thing to do now,' she said, 'is sign me to a record deal.'"➤

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