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0603Y2000101JDR⏎The law, enacted in 1978, gives tribes power in foster care and adoption proceedings involving Native children. North Dakota and several other states have considered codifying it this year, as the U.S. Supreme Court considers a challenge to the federal law.▧TAJB335K020TNJ➘It was October 2021 and the staff at Johnson Memorial Health were hoping they could finally catch their breaths. They were just coming out of a weeks-long surge of COVID hospitalizations and deaths, fueled by the Delta variant.⇖

✥The company said that it's doing the recall, which expands previous actions, "out of an abundance of caution and with the safety of our customers as our highest priority."♪


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BAT754L,115۰"We are very worried, very sad we are, to lose a husband, leaving two abandoned children," she said.◊1206J2004P70DQT▪Harris County Fire Marshal Captain James Singleton said his office would be in Deer Park through the weekend and was working to figure out what happened.£

あThose who are found in violation of the new law could face prosecution, in addition to thousands of dollars in fines and having their licenses revoked.♨


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K331M15X7RK5TL2↷"There were errors, there were misunderstandings that culminated in a tragedy. But the fact that we have a victim in a tragedy does not mean there's a villain. Villain, to me, requires bad intent and my client, I don't believe – the facts will show – that he had bad intent," he said.ЮJANTXV1N4467┱Yazmin Lopez, now 33 and living in Wisconsin, is still dreaming of owning a home, but after years of using a card issued by a credit union, she has started a small business — with its own credit line. And she's now the very parent she once read about: Lopez has added her two children, 8 and 14, to her credit card — building their credit histories and the family's generational wealth.░

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