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➦It's not clear who is being granted visas or visa exemptions to enter Egypt, and Sudanese people have said information is increasingly hard to come by. At first, Egyptian authorities appeared to be granting many exemptions, which encouraged even more people to head to the border, but as the crowds grew after more than a week of violence in Sudan, al-Neaamah said there was little reliable information available.◦GA0805A8R2BXCBP31GRapp, who successfully led the prosecution against former Liberian President Charles Taylor for war crimes in Sierra Leone, conceded that prosecuting Putin would be challenging. He said the most likely venue would be the International Criminal Court, or possibly an international tribunal created specifically to handle the crimes in Ukraine.☆2-2176086-3☼In a statement on Wednesday, CIA Director William Burns said the CIA had applied its "very best operational, analytic, and technical tradecraft to what is one of the largest and most intensive investigations in the Agency's history. I and my leadership team stand firmly behind the work conducted and the findings."☺1812Y5000124KDT➭Davis, the legislator, said Lajimodiere's writing informs ongoing work to grapple with the past like returning ancestral remains — including boarding school victims — and protecting tribal cultures going forward by codifying the federal Indian Child Welfare Act into state law.▥

↮A gag order is imposed by a judge to restrict what individuals involved in a case can and cannot discuss outside the courtroom. Since gag orders restrict the right to free speech, they are only issued to control the flow of information to ensure a fair trial, according to Cornell Law.▶PUMH2F△The next total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. will occur just shy of one year from now on April 8, 2024.♕

↘The map of the November 2016 election wound up looking notably similar to the map of Bryan's first presidential bid in 1896. There were just 45 states in 1896, and Bryan won 22 of them. In 2016, Trump won all but four of those 22 states, dominating as Bryan had in the South, the Midwest and the Mountain West. But the payoff was greater for Trump because these states had added votes in the Electoral College as their population growth rate exceeded the national growth rate in the intervening decades.✉


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C2220C123G5GACTU◘He also thinks airline passengers are nearing the limit of what they're willing to pay.◘S0603-271NG1D◎In his introduction, Verghese says this about writing the novel during the pandemic: "The day job was never more challenging than when Covid arrived; the prevailing emotion I felt — that of finding meaning in a world where there is much suffering — no doubt infuses the book." It is entirely to Verghese's credit, then, that we are driven to finish the novel's 700-some pages even while grieving and raging over all the tragic deaths and losses. It's like something one of Big Ammachi's children says somewhere in the middle of the book; Philipose, who grows up to become a renowned writer and marry a gifted artist, offers this heartfelt, resonating sentiment:☀

➺Still, the World Meteorological Organization is urging people and governments to prepare for hotter and more volatile conditions, citing a possible repeat of 2016 — the warmest year on record, thanks to what the WMO calls a "'double whammy' of a very powerful El Niño event and human-induced warming from greenhouse gases."◐

↟The group reports that its MomConnect Africa project has enrolled 70% of all pregnant women in the public health-care system in South Africa. The program provides maternal and child health information in numerous languages, including those of indigenous communities. And more than 14 million people in the country engaged with the COVID-19 service the team built in the midst of the pandemic. Both programs are in partnership with the South African National Department of Health.☪

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