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VS-15ETL06-1-M3⇦Montana has become the first state to approve a bill that would ban TikTok over the possibility that the Chinese government could request Americans' data from the wildly popular video-streaming app.♧GRM3195C1H203JA01D▶A lawyer for Trump responded by calling the accuser's account "unbelievable" and "outrageous."✉

▄Dr. Sarah Zain, a physiotherapist, told CBS News she had her doubts about the app even as she used it, as it appeared to be an unsustainable business model, but she thought it would take longer to fall apart. She didn't get her money out in time and ended up losing more than $7,000, which she said she needed for an upcoming surgery.۰


Twitter initially had labelled NPR's main account as "state-affiliated media, " a term also used to identify media outlets controlled or heavily influenced by authoritarian governments, such as Russia and China. Twitter later changed the label to "government-funded media," but to NPR — which relies on the government for a tiny fraction of its funding — it's still misleading.☭C326C759D3G5TA♕Chetwynd said the logistical priority now was to return Soldin's body to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, so "we can safely take it out of the country and return it home to his family."↕MRFG35005MR5↦In addition, new "time and distance" standards went into effect, requiring insurers to make available, within certain driving distances, at least one provider for each of a variety of physician specialties. For example, a large metro area must have enough endocrinologists for at least 90 percent of enrollees to be able to find one within 15 miles or a 30-minute drive.⇚BB 664 E7902↾"It's time to get rid of the monarchy," Graham Smith, Republic's leader, told NPR. "We will be chanting, 'Not my king!' when Charles goes past."۰

☟Biden has been facing criticism from the right for allowing a porous border on his watch, and from the left for maintaining Trump-like policies.↷2474R-24K☽The activists' families point to documents they say prove the involvement of Turkey's spy agency (MIT). In 2014, MIT officially denied any role.☞

▕President Biden announced his reelection bid Tuesday, but he cannot get away from mediocre approval ratings.⇛

£After Joseph Eaton fled the home, a chaotic scene developed on a highway over 20 miles (32 kilometers) away in Yarmouth, where shots were fired at moving vehicles, police said. Joseph Eaton later told police he was firing on cars because he thought he was being followed by law enforcement. Several vehicles were hit by gunfire but the three people injured were a family all in the same car: Sean Halsey, 51; Justin Halsey, 29; and Paige Halsey, 25, police said. Paige Halsey remained in critical condition, police said Wednesday.♠

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