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❑As many as 80% of U.S. hospitals don't have sexual assault nurse examiners, often because they either can't find them or can't afford them. Nurses struggle to find time for shifts, especially when staffing shortages mean covering long hours. Sexual assault survivors may have to leave their town or even their state to see an examiner.◎


⇞"No longer – and this is a good thing — no longer should anybody from the U.S. CDC or the World Health Organization or London or Geneva or anywhere else think, 'Okay, We're going to come in and tell people what to do.' Those of us who are not from that area of the world really need to recognize that we're there to play an important but a supporting role in the leadership that's going to come from the African continent."✁2225J5000390FCR☜But to everyone's shock, police found nothing.⇤1N755A BK PBFREE◘Want a deeper dive into technology? Listen to the Consider This episode on calls to pause AI developments.♢CK45-B3AD151KYNR➮Some of those risks are already here. For several years, AI has been used to digitally insert unwitting women's faces into porn videos. These deepfakes sometimes target celebrities and other times are used to take revenge on private citizens.☞

▶That's what Sally Wier did when she bought a house five years ago on an 8-acre plot in Rio Grande County surrounded by fields of barley and alfalfa. The first time she tested her well, the arsenic level was 47 µg/L, nearly five times the EPA's limit. Wier installed a reverse osmosis water filtration system, but she said the arsenic level rises before she changes the filters every few months.☾VJ2225Y474KXBAT⇏New reporting from ProPublica has revealed another example of undisclosed expenses that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received from a wealthy Republican donor.☟

①The reaction to the video is just the latest in a string of public leaks of comments by company leaders that show them at odds with the attitudes of their staff during periods of economic hardship.⇀


▭Officers at the scene gave at least 12 orders to hold back and not enter the classrooms despite hearing the gunfire blasts, The Post’s investigation found.⇐CC0402KRX5R6BB184⇣Mr. Biden will then address his administration's efforts to rally the world in support of Ukraine, and reiterate the U.S. "will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine for as long as it takes," according to the White House.↙C318C332J5G5TA7301△Queen Victoria asked them to perform for her at Osborne House, the Royal residence on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England.▤NVTFS5C673NLWFTAG♨For the last few decades, we've seen a pattern that economists have called "skill-biased technological change." The basic idea is that so-called "high-skill" office workers have disproportionately benefited from the use of computers and the internet. Things like Microsoft Word and Excel, Google, and so on have made office workers and other high-paid professionals much better at their jobs.☭

♦In a statement released Thursday morning, Burgum said the law is "aimed at protecting children from the life-altering ramifications of gender reassignment surgeries" but he added that medical professionals have testified these surgeries have not been and are not being performed on minors in North Dakota.▁S0402-4N7F2C❃"It is the tradition of this university, and dare I say the tradition of our country, to fight for freedom, to fight for rights, to fight for the ability of all people to be who they are and make decisions about their own lives and their bodies," Harris said to loud applause.⇤


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C0805X240J5HACAUTO【"News that Tucker Carlson is moving his show to Twitter is not even surprising," said Nora Benavidez of the progressive nonprofit Free Press, an advocacy group active on media issues. "It's just the latest in a long line of dangerous actions Musk takes to erode open discourse and public trust surrounding the platform."☼IRKU71/12A♧General Abdel-Fattah Burhan, head of the Sudanese army, and General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, leader of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are former allies. The two generals united to overthrow Sudan's former dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019 as well as dissolving the subsequent transitional government in 2021. The uneasy alliance between the two leaders has now imploded, threatening to destabilize the country and wider region.→

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