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♦Carlson's final show ended with a promotion for his latest streaming special, called, "Let Them Eat Bugs." In it, he claims that global elites — another staple of Carlson's conspiracies, alongside racial grievance — are trying to force people to replace meat with insects.♡


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0805J5000331GAT♩On that day, their comments made me feel I was different and less than I was before. That I was missing out on something and I was no longer myself. It kept me crying for days. There was even a moment when I thought about killing myself.⇤EMH25T2R❈In those cases, she said, ethics rules and lawyers' professional norms have a role to play. Lawyers are not supposed to put forth frivolous arguments, for example.◨

The other significant consequence, which we discussed earlier, was the rise of Al Qaeda in Iraq.✐

ºThe jury also heard a lengthy phone conversation Gibb recorded with the couple in late 2019, in which she pressed them to say where the children were.◘


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T95S106M004HZAL✤Owners can go to BMW's website to check if their vehicle is affected or call BMW customer relations at (866) 835-8615. NHTSA also has a recall lookup tool on its website.★1206Y1000121GAR×This weeks' sentencing hearings came with several days of emotional testimony from victims and eyewitnesses.♕


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