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⇣The owners of Hamburger Mary's in Orlando say the establishment has regularly hosted drag shows since 2008.↬CKR22CG822KP♨Former President Donald Trump is now the first president in U.S. history to be arraigned on charges of falsifying business records as part of a cover-up of payments to an adult film star with whom he allegedly had an extramarital affair.▅C1210C751K5HACAUTO♣A few days ago, MTV announced it was scaling back its annual awards show in the face of an ongoing writer's strike.➸1812JA250220KCTPY2╬In another effort, farmers like the Mestas are taxing themselves to draw water from their own irrigation wells. And Simpson, of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, recently secured $30 million in federal money to support water conservation. The plan includes paying farmers $3,000 per acre-foot of water to permanently retire their irrigation wells.♖

↲Last month, Vaughns announced that he'd found a new home at last. He is going back to Texas, this time to Baylor University.➜1206Y5000391JER➟The third round resumed Sunday morning, and officials said the fourth and final round was expected to begin Sunday afternoon.☼


◊Just looking at the preliminary modeling has helped Stephenson bring a lot of his evidence and questions into focus — it may be early days, but he says he already has a better understanding of how the ship's stern came to be in such bad shape.2225Y0100105JXR✃Still, some experts see potential downsides.▃5400R-566JThe AMN Healthcare survey similarly recommended that health care providers create safer working environments and broader regulatory changes to make meaningful differences.⇆1206J2000121JAT↺Conglomerates' takeovers of media outlets are not unique to India. But New Delhi-based historian Mukul Kesavan, who is also an independent journalist, says Indian media takeovers by Modi government allies are "symptomatic of a larger malaise" posing threats to rights.♀

↱While journalists sometimes edit quotes to clarify an interview subject's remarks, it's a delicate task — and it does not entail adding language out of whole cloth.☛SMB5342B☌That night, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, whose 10-year-old daughter Lexi was killed, wrote on Twitter that, “I wanted to send a message, but, instead, the state of Texas sent me a message: my daughter’s murder wasn’t enough.”➧


A barrage of Russian missiles struck an apartment complex in the southeastern city of Dnipro on Jan. 14, killing at least 45 civilians. On Wednesday, a government helicopter crashed into a building housing a kindergarten in a suburb of Kyiv. Ukraine's interior minister, other officials and a child on the ground were among the 14 people killed.☪1808Y0630394JDT▦In April 2022, more than 100 people packed into Taboo Nightclub Lounge for a ’90s themed party. In the early-morning hours, Walker repeatedly shot Valentine and left him in a pool of blood, prosecutors said. Then, Rush, armed with a 9mm handgun, “fired intentionally and indiscriminately” into the crowd — shooting Cox in the head and killing Owens, according to a criminal complaint.⋄C0603X152M3GEC7867▃Israel is currently holding over 1,000 Palestinian detainees without charge or trial, the highest number since 2003, according to the Israeli human rights group HaMoked.↓VJ0603D560GXCACの"They had their children with them and a few other things they had a chance to get," Margarita said. She spoke on the condition that her last name not be published due to fears for her safety.♡

↕"That's exactly what we were concerned about: that when we entered this age of deepfakes, anybody can deny reality," said Hany Farid, a digital forensics expert and professor at the University of California, Berkeley. "That is the classic liar's dividend."↠CHV1206N500750GCT☾As memorable as Sanders' draft swag remains, wearing a track suit on draft night or the jean shorts Brett Favre wore would be scoffed at today with top players gathering for a televised event that has become as much runway show as sporting event.△


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08053A102JA12A✂Roads leading to the famous Shwedagon pagoda — a Buddhist shrine that dominates Yangon's skyline and is usually thronged by worshippers — were largely deserted.✏CKC18X752FDGAC7210☢In an independent analysis of the program, a South African research team headed by Donald Skinner of the Human Sciences Research Council found there were some problems with translation quality and network coverage but concluded that overall, "The women were consistently positive about MomConnect, attaching high value to the content of the messages and the medium in which they were delivered."♂

●Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.◎

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