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☋House said states with abortion bans have worse health outcomes for Black mothers and babies, and she said Black, Indigenous and Latino communities are "by far the most at risk with the elimination of the safest form of abortion care."«GRM0335C1H620JA01D♕If it's approved, phosphogypsum would join pavement aggregates such as crushed stone, gravel and sand. In recent years, the Federal Highway Administration says, industrial byproducts and reclaimed materials have also been used as aggregates.♦2225J1000391KCR♖The party divide is more evenly split among all registered U.S. voters, with 47% identifying as Democrats and 48% as Republicans.¤C1210X683M4JAC7800❥In 2018, Facebook announced a change in its algorithm, marking it as one that would focus on "meaningful social interactions." In the midst, the platform propped up emotional engagement — successfully identifying what people were actually prone to sharing and talking about. "Their algorithm was holding an ever-more-precise mirror up to Americans' psyches, and intensifying their strongest reactions," Smith writes. And as BuzzFeed attempted to keep up, Donald Trump and the alt-right were way ahead — transforming what was once traffic, into real political power.⊙

➼"The last thing that you want to see is restrooms that haven't been fixed, trails or pathways that haven't been repaved or what have you — and year in, year out it remains the same and people are paying a fee," Hannemann said.➭2510-78H▤Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a frequent critic of the Fed chairman, said Powell and others must be held accountable for the meltdown at Silicon Valley Bank.ⓔ


☞In a speech about attracting independents and young people to the Republican Party, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said he had urged Fox News to break out of its "echo chamber" for Republicans to prosper.➧2220Y0500560GFR•Overall, 74% of people between the ages of 45 and 65 years of age have at least a few silver strands, according to research from the National Institutes of Health.▬A331K15X7RF5TAA▀“He’s going to have to own up to it,” he added, “and face these charges.”△2220Y5K00121KCT♣Germany's tentativeness has drawn criticism, particularly from Poland and the Baltic states, countries on NATO's eastern flank that feel especially threatened by Russia's renewed aggression.⇞

◊Medicare coverage for at-home COVID-19 tests ended last week, but the scams spawned by the temporary pandemic benefit could have lingering consequences for seniors.►1N6761-1↑Video of the session has been up on YouTube for nearly seven years. But it recently came back into the spotlight as part of a lawsuit brought by the family of a man who died when his Tesla crashed while using the self-driving feature. The family's lawyers cited that 2016 claim, along with others Musk has made about Tesla's self-driving software.⇖

◥Sudan, a country at the crossroads of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, is known for its history of military coups and civil conflicts since it gained independence in 1950s. A decade-old civil conflict resulted in the secession of South Sudan in 2011.


★State Sen. Sandy Senn, who voted against the ban, said fellow Republicans — many of whom are running for reelection next year — would face a reckoning at the ballot box for their vote in support of the ban. During the midterm elections last fall, abortion rights groups scored major victories, even in conservative states, striking down ballot measures in places like Kansas and Kentucky.»S0402-27NJ1B┲Dutch prosecutor Digna van Boetzelaer said that without Russian cooperation, ""the investigation has now reached its limit. All leads have been exhausted.""☭1N5925AE3/TR13유KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues. Together with Policy Analysis and Polling, KHN is one of the three major operating programs at KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation). KFF is an endowed nonprofit organization providing information on health issues to the nation.➸74437334082§The administration brief calls the lower court rulings "unprecedented" and says they "unleashed regulatory chaos" by suspending the existing FDA-approved conditions of use for mifepristone.♀

◈CSA: What we gave, is accurate. We know the full story. If you have another story, tell us.↯2225J1K50331FCR➴So she's a champion of being realistic rather than fatalistic.▬


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CDR31BX102BKYS\M500☃Nelson's musical diversity was another evening theme.☪BB173115▣"I think a generational shift is happening in K-pop not only of the owners but also the creators," says the critic Kim Do-heon.⇑

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