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2150-34G↿Police say a motorcycle taxi operator reported seeing the box being dumped by a vehicle with no license plates. The rider reported the incident to police officers who were manning a nearby roadblock.↿2220Y5000820GFR◘On Tuesday, a horse named Take Charge Briana was euthanized after getting hurt during a race. Two days later, another horse, Wild on Ice, was also euthanized following an injury during training, Louisville Public Media reported.⇙


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CDR125-681MC♛Wilson Garcia, who owns the home where the shooting took place, told the ABC affiliate KTRK that he had asked Oropesa to stop firing his gun in his front yard because Garcia's baby was trying to sleep.☽CDR31BP220BFWPAT▒The animals represent a Carnival-time gift the Venetian Republic demanded from a defeated army hundreds of years ago. Brassesco is keeping alive both this story and tradition. Each year, the parade floats down the Grand Canal.☀

♙GREEN: All the Sunnis then had left were the weapons and ammunitions that they had looted from the from the depots. And a deep resentment of coalition activities. The new Iraqi government faced fierce opposition in Sunni areas, and especially in strong Fallujah and Ramadi.◊


⇞As the declaration ends, "I think it's a bit early to tell how that will impact long haulers," Fisseha says. One worry she has is that the decrease in data reporting will affect long-COVID research and its funding. For instance, there may be people who get COVID and have lingering symptoms, but ones that are not serious enough to go to the doctor – those cases might be missed, which could affect how well the condition is understood. "There's still so much to learn and know," she says. --Selena Simmons-Duffin↟KBU8K-E4/51↶Even if McCarthy's bill passes the House, it is very unlikely to advance in the Democratic-controlled Senate. But passing the bill could put political pressure on Biden to return to the negotiating table.◎CWR09HB684KCB¤Residents across Guam faced flooding, torn roofs, downed trees and power outages after the Category 4 storm battered the Pacific U.S. territory from Wednesday into Thursday. The local government’s islandwide damage assessments remain underway, but by sunrise Thursday, Mawar was considered one of the worst storms to slam the island in decades, officials said.⇞0505Y3001P00BQT◎Last week, the Republican-controlled legislature in Kansas approved a bill legalizing possession of test strips that help people determine whether their street drugs contain fentanyl.◤

▄Larry Welker, Bollinger County's public administrator, said the twister traveled along route 34 into Glen Allen, a village of slightly more than 100 people, and that he hasn't been able to inspect the damage firsthand because law enforcement were restricting access to the area.➞1N7053UR-1↕"If we're not asking the question, if you're trans or not, in these surveys, it is impossible for us to actually identify those disparities and make sure that funds and resources go to the communities that are desperately in need," adds Caballero, who is the director of the U.S. Trans Survey and special projects for the National Center for Transgender Equality.➭

☁The Pentagon and State Department's separate after-action reviews on the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan were being transmitted to the relevant congressional committees Thursday afternoon.ぃ

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