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◑Palestinian militants in Gaza vowed revenge. Dawood Shahab, an Islamic Jihad official, said there would be a "unified Palestinian response" to the strikes at a time and place of the group's choosing.→


▒In this story, a king takes a mermaid as a wife and their children are born with a ravenous hunger. The mermaid departs her former husband's ravaged kingdom and travels the land with a strange but gentle plague doctor, seeking a new story — but it may prove to be even more harrowing than the one they left behind.☽CDRH3D28NP-220NC✏A fourth soldier was injured and was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and was listed in stable condition. He was not identified Saturday.█CC0805KKX7RABB682«There are lasting changes from the pandemic in Ypsilanti schools, Zachery-Ross says. The ventilation systems are different; there are hand sanitizer dispensers all over the place, and more of an awareness about staying home when sick, she says. The district was also able to scale up access to laptops for students who needed them. Plus, parents and schools got more used to coordinating and communicating with each other, she says. "I think we can do some of those takeaways that can continue now – so that gives us hope." -- S.S.D.♀PZM3.9NB2,115▌"When television is good, nothing — not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers — nothing is better," Minow said. "But when television is bad, nothing is worse."☜

✑Alvaro Molina, 57, said he supports the hippos  — even though he is one of the few Colombians to have been attacked by one. He was out fishing one day when he felt a movement beneath his canoe that spilled him into the water.⇩RURD420CC卍Mitchell told the BBC that the government was doing "intense planning" for "a series of possible evacuations."™


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1825J0100124FCR↝Learn more:☜BZD27C9V1PHRTG❃The papers published online do not reveal Ukrainian battle plans for a widely expected offensive this spring.⇂


❈Bay St. Louis is about 15 miles (25 kilometers) west of Gulfport.卐1N4946GP-TP▪Carlson's show gave many Fox News viewers what they wanted, she said, including false claims about the 2020 election, COVID vaccines and the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, as well as smears against gay and transgender people and Russian propaganda about fictitious Ukrainian biolabs.유0805J0500121MXT▁"SPCA advocates that, instead of organised killing events, education around humane and compassionate practices can better prepare young people to appreciate and protect the biological heritage of New Zealand," the organization said.◑0805J0250823MDT◀19. Super Mario Bros. theme — Koji Kondo, composer (1986)ღ

♂But from certain communities, from children, from our elders and from nature, I feel optimistic that we can fix things. That we can create abundance by sharing. — Edgard Gouveia Jr.◤1812J5000181GCTThey must pay $212,544 in civil penalties, the DOL said.☝

❖While the decision reflects South Korea's slow yet gradual moves to restrict state interference into personal lives, some women's rights and conservative organizations will likely again voice their opposition to the use of sex dolls. They say they deepen sexual objectification of women and undermine public moral.♀


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