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BZX84C6V2-7-G▍Learn more:☠2SC5065-O(TE85L,F)☺The governor didn't go into detail about why he believes Perry should be pardoned, but he cited Perry's attorney's explanation that Perry shot Foster in self-defense.♨


☟The Angelopoulos fellowship "provides opportunities for high-profile leaders who are transitioning from public service roles," while the Hauser fellowship appoints high-profile leaders to work with students and faculty on improving leadership skills, the school said.➤1210J0630334KXR▮"She went with a friend on Saturday to the McAlester area and was supposed to return home by 5:00 p.m. last night," the alert read.⇂ISC1812RVR82J【Coolio's 1994 debut album It Takes a Thief kicked off his meteoric rise. "Fantastic Voyage," the album's opening track, reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.○HC0603CG0R5C201▨In two separate cases, one against Twitter, the other against Google, the families of people killed in terrorist bombing attacks in Istanbul and Paris sued Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube, claiming that the companies had violated the federal Anti-Terrorism Act, which specifically allows civil damage claims for aiding and abetting terrorism.♤

❤The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is considered a terrorist group by both Israel and the United States, said the visit was a "crime" and vowed the site would remain "Palestinian, Arab, Islamic," according to the AFP news agency.✏1812Y0500222JCT◎"It's time for the Montana Supreme Court to take up the Armstrong case, take another look at it, and reverse it," Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said at a January anti-abortion rally in the Montana Capitol. "It is garbage law and it needs to go."↔

◦"We went through the building twice to make sure," Ifill said. "Now we know for a fact that it's completely empty. And they're not allowed to go back in it until they have a structural engineer come and do a good, solid assessment of the building."✣


⊙As an astronomer — not an astrologer — I have to tread carefully when it comes to zodiac signs.❀GRM0337U1HR50BD01D▐Carlson is also the focus of an ongoing federal lawsuit in the Southern District of New York filed by one of his former senior producers. She alleges a workplace rife with bigotry, anti-Semitism and sexism. (Carlson tells NPR he knows nothing about her. Fox says her accusations are meritless.)↙STPS10170CB-TR◢New Zealand does have "Predator Free 2050," a federal plan to eliminate its most pressing predators: rats, stoats and possums. There are calls for cats to be added to that plan, a politically contentious issue.▦0805Y1000561JCR〓9:15 a.m.♟

⇜This year's guests have been asked to dress "in honor of Karl": a wide-ranging dictum, considering that over the decades Lagerfeld also designed for Chloé, Balmain and Patou.☁VJ0603D680GLCAR♠Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., a member of the Judiciary committee, told NPR that the committee should press ahead with nominations and "we will use all of the rules and tools available." He declined to give details but said Democrats have options. He also said Feinstein could be back "in a couple of weeks."➶


↗It's important to note vaccines will still be free for practically everyone. People who are insured are required to get vaccines with no cost sharing because of the Affordable Care Act. The White House says people without insurance will still be able to get free COVID-19 vaccines — and treatments like Paxlovid — through 2024.↡VJ0603D360JLCAJ▪Fighters attacked a U.S. Embassy convoy last week, and stormed the home of the EU ambassador. Violence wounded an Egyptian Embassy employee in Sudan, according to Egypt's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zaid.➣T95X106K016LSAL◆Russian forces still seek to seize the remaining part of the Donetsk region still under Ukrainian control, including several heavily fortified areas.↪C1206S223K1RACTU§The commutations came as the White House announced a set of policy actions across 20 different agencies meant to improve the criminal justice system, which disproportionately affects Black and other non-white communities. The president announced his reelection campaign this week, and must keep Black voters in his coalition if he wants to win in 2024.➭

♜Colly's gift of speaking to the dead comes naturally to him — Key had it, too. She worked as a birth doula, but found herself connecting with her community in other ways, acting as something of a medium, helping friends and neighbors communicate with loved ones they'd lost. But this comes at a psychic cost to her: "The problem was that the ghosts stayed with me. Each one left a shadow under my eye. They stood where I found them. They looked at me for longer than it took to remember where I'd met them."FK24X7R1E335K♥Viewers located in a strip of the mainland U.S. stretching from Texas to Maine — as well as parts of Mexico and Canada — will be able to see what's known as the path of totality. That's when the moon completely obscures the sun.™

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