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S0603-3N3F3C❤Roxy Mathew Koll, a climate scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Pune city, said cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are becoming more intense more quickly, in part because of climate change.♝1210Y0500334JER↛The island is positioned between peninsular India and Sri Lanka, connected to the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu via a rail and road bridge that stretches over a mile and a half across the waters of the vast Indian Ocean. Eucalyptus, coconut and palm trees abound, and wooden fishing boats bob on turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.➚


♐Target did not reply to a series of follow-up questions from NPR, such as which items were removed and whether it was increasing security at its stores.☎2474-47K☻"My son and I have always been close and I thought, given how difficult he found it to tell me, what must children in homophobic and transphobic families be going through? I wanted to keep the conversation open for them," says Desai. "Since then, I have spoken with thousands and thousands of children and their parents. Some parents, they are so stubborn and it takes many phone calls for them to listen — they would insult me and bang the phone down."¤GJM0335C1H5R6CB01J♀HB 1191 would compel the Florida Transportation Department to study using phosphogypsum in paving projects, calling for "demonstration projects using phosphogypsum in road construction aggregate material to determine its feasibility as a paving material."↤2225Y0500222KFR◊Ukrainian governors and officials also reported one death each in Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia region, in the capital Kyiv, in the southern region of Kherson and in the western city Khmelnytskyi.▐

↜Palestinian attacks on Israelis have killed 19 people in that time — including on Friday two British-Israelis shot to death near a settlement in the Jordan Valley and an Italian tourist killed by a suspected car-ramming in Tel Aviv. All but one were civilians.➣RBR10BM30AFHTL↖No one, including the boy, has been charged in the shooting. The superintendent was fired by the school board after the shooting, while the assistant principal resigned. The principal was reassigned to another job within the school district. The board also voted to install metal detectors in every school in the district, beginning with Richneck, and to purchase clear backpacks for all students.➻


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RHS7J2D222J1DGH01A♡So fishing income earned by the men is squandered — putting pressure on the women to dive for more seaweed to make up for a husband's lost income.◘2220J5000682JXR▤"We want to thank Colin Kaepernick for helping this family get to the truth and soon," Crump said at a news conference outside the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, where Thompson had died. Kaepernick did not attend the news conference.⇕

➩"Andy and I met as schoolboys in 1975. We were best friends, going everywhere together," Marr said as he announced Rourke's death.❁

↖Senate Bill 673, introduced last week, would create the "Ebony Alert" system for missing Black children and young women. When activated, the proposed system – similar to Amber or Silver alerts — would inform people of missing Black children and young women.Ю

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