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↮"Roberts here is demonstrating a profound ineptitude to rise to the occasion, and our country is worse for it," Roth said.✏IDCS2512ER152M☢Galbo says the commission is committed to its audience on Twitter, while looking for additional platforms to join, too. Its signature PSAs could soon be making their way to sites like Tumblr, Mastodon or BlueSky.➻1025R-68H큐"I definitely was adamant to suggest the player should not be on the field anymore," Gonzalez said. "I know it's an accusation, but I believe my players. I trust my players. If they say something, they're high-character human beings before professional soccer players, so I would trust that it's true."➜5OQ682MBKAA➲The situation is hardly unique, nor is it confined to the United Methodist Church, a denomination that has undergone a recent split over the issue of LGBTQ+ inclusiveness. Just 16% of Americans say religion is the most important thing in their life, according to a new report released this week by the Public Religion Research Institute. A 2020 survey found that the average congregation size across Christian denominations is less than half what it was in 2000 — down to 65 from 137. It also found that on average, a third of churchgoers are 65 or older, twice that age group's representation in the general population. These numbers held true for Protestants, Evangelicals and Catholics alike. Only congregations of other faith traditions — including Islam, Baha'i and Judaism — are seeing increases, the survey said.∷

➙--that once sanctions were lifted, Saddam would be free to re-arm.◦0201YA560JAT2A☞For the first 10 years, ERIC grew steadily with states like South Carolina, Connecticut and, most recently, New Jersey joining.⇅


۰Inslee said the state spent $42.50 per pill, at a total cost of $1,275,000 for 30,000 pills.◤0805Y1000100FAR◊But modern times and modern problems have made it harder to succeed in this old-fashioned occupation. A growing number of marine heat waves are causing a dropoff in the types of seaweed they gather. What's more, the government now prohibits seaweed extraction in some areas to promote ocean health.➡C0603C560K3HACAUTO➳"It's a health strain on the population," Wildeman says. "The worse the prison conditions, the more likely it is incarceration can be tied to excess mortality."™MLF1005LR15Kの"It's still very early in the process," he said. "There's so much more work to be done."❈

↳"I'm so used to being involved in drawing and knowing so many people that do it, that I don't see the magic of it," Jaffee told the publication Graphic NYC in 2009. "If you reflect and think about it, I'm sitting down and suddenly there's a whole big illustration of people that appears. I'm astounded when I see magicians work; even though I know they're all tricks. You can imagine what someone thinks when they see someone drawing freehand and it's not a trick. It's very impressive."↗IRF9540NSTRRPBF☃California water officials are scrambling to catch as much of the floodwaters as they can. In January, as a series of atmospheric rivers blasted the state with rain and snow, the state's Department of Water Resources announced it was accelerating permitting for projects that put water back into the aquifers.♥


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1111J1501P00DQT↾Hume established the Platinum Rhino Project, a sprawling 21,000 acre ranch about 100 miles southwest of Johannesburg, in an attempt to legalize the trade of rhino horns, which is banned in most countries. His plan was to create a breeding farm where the horns could be safely sawn off a living rhino and sold on the open market. (Rhino horns are made of keratin – the substance in human fingernails – and can grow back at a rate of about 7 cm per year.)↧C1206X820G1HAC7800ぃStephenson saw an early version of the model, when Atlantic Productions brought him on to consult on its validity. So did Ken Marschall, the maritime artist known for his Titanic paintings.▰


⇖As a cancer patient, I'm getting forwarded many, many articles about early stage cancer treatments and alternative therapies. I think every cancer patient gets these. I'm public about my cancer, so I'm getting these from more than friends and family. I'm getting these also from people I've never met but who are trying to help.➬S3K-E3/57T↕Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the targeted attacks on the militants' hideouts would reverberate around the region.➥HSM835G/TR13▌People had gathered to receive about $10 each from a charity funded by local businessmen, witnesses said. Wealthy people and businessmen often hand out cash and food, especially to the poor, during Ramadan.•TAP337K010CRW♦Parker hopes this will be turning point for legislators to enact laws that will meaningfully keep children safe. For now, Parker said she is taking it a day at a time and focusing on her daughter.⇋

┲Feinstein, 89, has not voted since February, and says she needs more time to recuperate after a diagnosis of shingles. Democrats have raised concerns that without her vote, Biden's nominees are stalled in committee. California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna called on Feinstein to resign last week, telling NPR she was an "absentee" senator. Another House Democrat, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, agreed.☋CDR31BX103AKUR-ZAHAE◑Roth was grazed by a bullet. Washington was shot in the leg and back.→


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0805J5001P00BAR♞Indonesia's host status for the tournament was cast into doubt last Sunday when FIFA postponed the draw.◆ER1025-28JP⇉Bland has said Stephen Smith didn't make any calls on his cellphone, and his loosely tied shoes remained on his feet. The force of car wrecks often leaves people found without their shoes. The road also contained no skid marks or nearby debris, according to Ronnie Richter, another lawyer for the Smiths.♧

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