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♭For digital media, the struggle is real, but the rebirth? That's far from clear.◀VJ1206Y104JBCAT4X☣“We are not the morality police, and you cannot be someone else’s conscience,” she added later. “We must let people make these decisions for themselves.”۰VJ0402A150JLXAJ32➥Garcia said that's when Oropesa came to his house and shot Garcia's wife, Sonia Argentina Guzman, before entering the home and firing on other people inside. Ten people were in the home at the time of the shooting, Capers said.☆PDTA114YQAZ◎The attack happened the day before a scheduled online court hearing in which lawyers for the condominium corporation were set to argue that it should be allowed to evict Villi because he had spent years harassing building employees, board members and other neighbors. In court documents, the building's lawyers said Villi ignored court orders to end the harassment and stop posting online about a longstanding dispute he had with the condo's management.►

☌Currently, only the biggest banks — with at least $250 billion in assets — have to undergo a stress test every year. That threshold was raised in 2019, sparing institutions the size of Silicon Valley Bank from the additional scrutiny.➹0805J0256P80BFR⇕While the threat that deepfakes could be offered as evidence is real, she said, "the courts have built up hundreds of years of resilience against efforts to introduce fake or tampered with evidence, going all the way back to faking somebody's signature on a handwritten document and going up through typed or mimeographed documents, film, video, Photoshopped evidence, and digital photography and videos."▩


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2225J2K50330GCT▒Police did not intervene. As night fell and the crowd started to disperse, organizers promised to hold more protests unless their demands are met.☠M39003/01-7296H↝"Broken Arrow police investigators have reviewed the medical examiner's reports in reference to the incident we reported as an octuple murder-suicide," the police department said in a statement Monday.ⓛ

⇚Other iconic references on the Fender Stratocaster is the inscription "Boddah Lives," scratched into the neck plate, which refers to Cobain's childhood imaginary friend. The guitar's case also includes the phrase "Abort Christ" written in large white letters.§


➹During the Good Friday basilica ceremony, the pope at times sounded hoarse while reading aloud and when he gave his blessing at the end of the nearly two-hour long service. At one point, he stood up to kiss a figure of Jesus on a tall cross which was brought to him, then bowed his head in silent reflection.◐1812J0630101KCR☟In the first week of testimony in Lori Vallow Daybell's murder trial in Boise, Idaho, prosecutors have unveiled evidence they believe will lead jurors to find Vallow Daybell guilty of murdering two of her children and her husband's previous wife.△M39003/01-2748H❤"My colleague was forced to take a patient off a ventilator because the electricity was cut and there was no gasoline to power the generator," he recounts. "They continued manually using an Ambu bag [a device to manually pump air into someone's lungs], taking turns between himself and the nurses for 24 hours. They were hoping for a miracle. Then they just had to stop." The patient died, he says.큐B82422T3390J✥Danco Laboratories, the original distributor of mifepristone in the U.S., has joined the FDA in the case and is asking the Supreme Court to block restrictions on the drug.⇆

¤Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee drove to the county Saturday to tour the destruction and comfort residents. He said the storm capped the "worst" week of his time as governor, coming days after a school shooting in Nashville that killed six people including a family friend whose funeral he and his wife just attended.◁IRL8114PBF☼Born to Mexican American parents, Cavazos was commissioned into the Army in 1951 after graduating from Texas Technical University and later went to fight in the Korean War. There, he was a member of the Borinqueneers, a famed unit of mostly Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican soldiers. He later led troops in the Vietnam War.■


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1206Y0500681GFT☭"As we carefully navigate how best to deliver the fan first awards' show we envisioned that our team has worked so hard to create, we're pivoting away from a live event that still enables us to produce a memorable night full of exclusive sneak peaks, irreverent categories our audience has come to expect, and countless moments that will both surprise and delight as we honor the best of film and TV over the past year," said Bruce Gillmer, executive producer of the MTV Movie & TV Awards, in a statement.☆M39014/22-0398↗"I promise I will continue to champion the many outstanding country artists that are not currently played, they are not currently streamed, toured, signed or awarded at the level they deserve," Twain said. "I believe in an all-inclusive country music."↕


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