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♥Despite never finding sure footing, he is determined: "I would thrive wherever the wind laid me." When he discovers that he will never be able to return to India, which is still home to him, he declares, "...I will be my own shelter, my landing place. Like a snail, I will carry home on my back, find it where I happen to be, make it from what I bear inside me."▦


◄It was clear that staying open no longer made economic sense, she says. With some sadness, the congregation unanimously decided to close the doors; its last Sunday service was held in April of last year.Ю1N5235BRL▤The movie could also lead to unsettling inquiries, says members of the trans community. Rai, for example, who has undergone gender-affirming surgery, says she's been questioned about her private parts since the film came out. "Because of this movie, people now bluntly ask if we have [a] penis." She also says she was questioned about "my private parts" on a Twitter space discussion: "I was harassed and shamed."➯C323C153F1G5TA7301⊡The federal government can emphasize the more flexible options for spending the settlement money compared with federal funds, Gilbert said.◢0805YA272KAT2A➩"Stock volatility is not indicative of deposit instability," wrote Jefferies bank analyst Casey Haire in a note to clients about Western Alliance.✣

➳Lucky for Brynjolfsson, his colleagues, and econ nerds like us at Planet Money, this software company gave the economists inside access to rigorously evaluate what happened when customer service agents were given assistance from intelligent machines. The economists examine the performance of over 5,000 agents, comparing the outcomes of old-school customer reps without AI against new, AI-enhanced cyborg customer reps.❤USB260-E3/52T♂Before she received Scholastic's apology, Tokuda-Hall said that, whether or not the publisher apologizes, her "greatest fear is that this is a momentary flurry of outrage, but nothing changes. And other creators are asked to make horrible choices like this going forward in the dark."⇑


┱Robbins said in another update that he was joking, and he alleged that he was receiving death threats and had the police called on him.◘VJ0603Y391KXXAC▧Dennis Lehane's Small Mercies may take place in Boston's Southie neighborhood in 1974 — but the topics it deals with are incredibly timely.☀1210J6300181KARⓔKia also responded to the notion of a recall, saying that "because there is no defect in the security features in any of these vehicles and because these specific models comply fully with all applicable federal standards, a recall is neither appropriate nor necessary under federal law."▤0603Y0253P90BCR☪"It's possible that infrastructure has been damaged or sabotaged," said Netblocks director Alp Toker. "This will have a major effect on residents' ability to stay safe and will impact the evacuation programs that are ongoing."✿

Ю"I think we set the stage to carry on further conversations," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters after the meeting Tuesday afternoon. "The president agreed to appoint a couple of people from his administration to sit down and negotiate directly with my team, so I found that to be productive personally."➮T350A105M035AS➽"'Gasolina' definitely proved to the industry that this music is not only fun, but it is marketable," she said.⇀


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1808JA254P70CCRSP◦Many institutions across the U.S. have DEI offices aimed at diversifying staff and to promote inclusivity for faculty and students.▧1206Y0630822KAR↹Garcia's most recent employment records obtained by NPR show he completed Level II training in 2017 to work with Champion National Security as a security guard.➮


▽And, two, the analysts felt that senior policymakers were saying things publicly that were inconsistent with the intelligence.☪1812Y0160183KCT⊙A multi-year U.S. intelligence review has deemed it "very unlikely" that a foreign adversary is behind the mysterious neurological symptoms known as "Havana Syndrome" that have been reported by more than a thousand American officials since 2016, significantly undermining a theory shared by some victims and lawmakers that U.S. personnel were being targeted by a hostile government.➛M39003/01-8071H卍The airlines said they were considering whether to appeal.♂PE-0805CD910KTT☪"We think he will help reduce the flow of drugs in our area and reduce property crimes," Miller said. "We felt like he was a good candidate to help us in our county."☺

▨Residents shared stories Thursday of children who live near railways having to share inhalers to ease asthma symptoms and families taking extreme measures to rid their homes of diesel fumes.♗C1206X333JMREC❂Goodman grew up in London's East End and spent his formative years working at his father's fruit and vegetable stand ("and being bathed at night in the same water they used to cook the beetroot," per his autobiography) and then as a welder in the London Docks.▊


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