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⇤Health authorities said two people who had been in the building were being treated at hospitals and both were in a stable condition. Three others had been treated and discharged, while a sixth patient had chosen to leave before getting treatment.▪1206Y1000561FFT◑"I worry about all the reasons patients have to not trust me and [not] trust the health care system," said Elinore Kaufman, a trauma surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.☽LQW15AN5N4G8ZD▎Twitter labelled CBC/Radio-Canada "government-funded media" — the same label that prompted National Public Radio in the U.S. to similarly quit Twitter last Wednesday.╬1812CC473KATBE❦Kauth's measure was the genesis of an epic filibuster by Omaha Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, who along with a handful of progressive allies, including Hunt, have slowed the business of passing laws to a crawl by introducing amendment after amendment to every bill that made it to the Senate floor. That sent leadership scrambling to prioritize which bills to push through.▣

✤To ensure that his work continues, Dr. Griffiths has established The Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D. Professorship Fund dedicated to the study of psychedelics in "the service of human flourishing for generations to come."◇CDR35BP133AJUSAT⇙Ellsberg's name and prominence receded as time went on, and he devoted most of his time to teaching and writing. But he was often seen and heard at various protests involving war and peace, nuclear weapons, and the actions the federal government took against whistleblowers.⇠


¤Section 230, however, also has a provision encouraging internet companies to police their platforms, so as to remove harassing, defamatory, and false content. And while some companies point to their robust efforts to take down such content, Twitter, the company that won Thursday's case, is now owned by Elon Musk who, since acquiring the company, has fired many of the people who were charged with eliminating disinformation and other harmful content on the site.▣2225Y1000392GCR▣The government, on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration, earlier Friday requested an immediate administrative stay to preserve the status quo while the court considers the request.1812Y0250103JDT◘Despite the airline's efforts, the Transportation Department is currently investigating the airline company's holiday travel debacle and whether Southwest set unrealistic flight schedules.☠CC0805JRNPOBBN820▶The grocery store "is literally right in the center of the community, it's right in the center of the East side of Buffalo," McCann said.⇏

◦That dragged down other European banks after the collapse of some U.S. banks stirred fears about the health of global banks. European bank shares recovered a bit Thursday, with the Euro Stoxx Banks index of 21 leading lenders up 1.6%, following a steep 8.4% drop Wednesday. Bank stalwarts like Commerzbank, Santander, Unicredit and Raiffaisen all rose more than 2%.ⓛ1812Y6300182GAR☪"A Model S and Model X at this point can drive autonomously with greater safety than a person. Right now," the CEO told the Code Conference audience during a Q&A session following his interview with tech journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.✪


➲"They came seeking refuge. They were staying at our shelter because they arrived in this country with very little," Maldonado said.™TAZH106K035LBSB0845✐Just months after taking office, embattled Republican Rep. George Santos of New York has been charged with at least one federal offense, a source familiar with the investigation told NPR.▪GA0603A3R9DXAAP31G⇄In November 2022, a coalition of anti-abortion groups and doctors filed a federal lawsuit in Texas district court challenging the FDA's approval of the drug.↕1210Y1000562FAR◐But former Rep. Mel Larsen, a Republican who the original law is partially named for, says gay rights were always intended to be part of the protections.♪

▒Context to know: DeSantis has taken a strong stance against illegal migration as he gears up for a possible presidential run. But some of his efforts have been fraught with controversy.♥1812J0630223FCT❃"Today, I'm hurt," Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said, "and I'm hurting. And I know so many people out there are as well."♨


♈The Associated Press left phone messages with DiBiase's attorney Thursday, seeking comment on the indictment.▁MMBZ5229B-HE3-08۰Circle Chart's Kim Jin-woo says the industry has now evolved from introducing artists already popular in South Korea to foreign audiences.☜108R-393GS♭Biden also touted choosing a Black woman, a Howard alum herself, as his vice presidential running mate.⇈RGL41G-E3/96◄And it refers to the king's wife as "Queen Camilla" for the first time, officially dropping the word "consort" from her title.♤

⇤"You need to think things through to the end," Niehaus said.⇊SR201A152KAR◀"So I was dribbling around chairs, under tables, doing anything I could do to impress him," Rivers said.☪


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GRT155R61C224KE01J▋White and another police officer had gone to Yallambee Lodge, a nursing home in Cooma that specializes in residents with higher care needs including dementia, after staff reported that Nowland had taken a serrated steak knife from the kitchen.⊙TAJT476M006RNJ❤A 2017 Netflix documentary also placed a spotlight on abuse claims against the late priest A. Joseph Maskell, who taught at a Catholic high school in Baltimore in the 1960s and '70s. Detectives exhumed his body several years ago while investigating the still unsolved cold case homicide of Catherine Ann Cesnik, a nun who disappeared from a Baltimore shopping center in 1969. She was teaching at the same high school as Maskell at the time of her slaying.⊙

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