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❣Cooper has said repeatedly the details contained in the 47-page bill show that the measure isn't a reasonable compromise and would instead greatly erode reproductive rights. He cites new obstacles for women to obtain abortions — such as requiring multiple in-person visits, additional paperwork to prove a patient has given their informed consent to an abortion and increased regulation of clinics providing the procedure.▄


⇍Brandt grew up in Carroll, Ohio, a small village southeast of Columbus. He left his family farm when he was drafted into the Marine Corps in the late 1960s and served during the Vietnam War, where he loaded tank shells as part of an armored battalion, Jay said. Brandt was wounded during his service and received a Purple Heart, Jay added.◎C1210C101K5HAC7800➦Eisa says that when war struck, Sulieman was moving his father from different hospitals to seek dialysis. Eisa told Sulieman that he was heading to Port Sudan, an eastern city on the Red Sea from where evacuation ships to Saudi Arabia depart, and that he should do likewise.▨3EZ5.6D5E3/TR12"As a friend, I'm so incredibly proud of you," Styles told Corden. "On a personal note, you've been a safe space to me always as a friend." He added that he was '"selfishly very excited that you're coming home." Styles, Corden and Ferrell then embraced in a group hug.⇛1825J0500102KCR↶Townsend's heirs said in their lawsuit that "Thinking Out Loud" had "striking similarities" and "overt common elements" that made it obvious that it had copied "Let's Get It On," a song that has been featured in numerous films and commercials and scored hundreds of millions of streams spins and radio plays in the past half century.∴

▽“As part of the scheme, the indictment alleges Murdaugh directed law firm employees to make settlement checks payable to ‘Palmetto State Bank.’ The checks were then delivered to Laffitte, whom Murdaugh directed to use the settlement funds for Murdaugh’s benefit,” prosecutors wrote. “The funds were used to pay off Murdaugh’s personal loans and for personal expenses and cash withdrawals.”◪C0805X100M1HACAUTO☆In one of the released texts body cameras are mentioned. Discussing an arrest made with the neighboring police department of Pittsburg, Calif., whose officers did have cameras, an officer wrote: "If Pitt didn't have all those body cams and that was us ... we would have f&*ked him up more."♪


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08051A4R7BA12A▧REUDA: Our officers were seeing a very rapid deterioration of the situation. U.S. forces were were not big enough to hold the country. Remember that the coalition administration inside Iraq had demobilized the army and they had told the army, go home. And they did. But all of a sudden, we had 450,000 armed men unemployed, which became very fertile recruiting ground for an insurgency. Services had been at least degraded significantly. So electricity, running water, things like that were not functioning, which creates an unhappy population. The coalition authority had de-Baathification, the government, which meant getting rid of anybody who belonged to the Baath Party. And as we had articulated, the vast majority of members of the Baath Party had to be Baath Party members to hold the job. It was like the Communist Party in Russia. So you had teachers, policemen. They weren't committed bases. They just had to have the job. But all of a sudden they were out of jobs and law and order started to break down. And we started seeing this get worse and worse.▅ECC-T3G100JG▼Stein was married briefly to record promoter and real estate executive Linda Adler, with whom he had two children: filmmaker Mandy Stein and Samantha Lee Jacobs, who died of brain cancer in 2013. Sidney Stein and his wife divorced in the 1970s and years later he came out as gay.◐


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1206Y5000682MER◢Hamburger Mary’s in Orlando has hosted events with drag performers — including trivia, bingo and comedy sketches — since it opened in 2008, according to the lawsuit.▒150D474X9006A2BE3✏In his later years, Amis sparked controversy for his views. He was accused of Islamophobia over comments in an interview. He advocated for euthanasia booths as a way to handle the U.K.'s aging population.♤

☆If passed, the bill will be applied retroactively, meaning journalists and others would not be able to access information on previous trips.➫

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