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◈"We need the strongest, most protective in-use locomotive regulation because we know" rulings by the California Air Resources Board have impact across the U.S., not just in the state, said Cecilia Garibay, a project coordinator with the 50-member Moving Forward Network based at Occidental College.▨8532-27H▁Netflix ended March with 232.5 million worldwide subscribers to its video streaming service, but it stopped disclosing how many people still pay for DVD-by-mail delivery years ago as that part of its business steadily shrank. The DVD service generated $145.7 million in revenue last year, which translated into somewhere between 1.1 million and 1.3 million subscribers, based on the average prices paid by customers.◫BUK6Y20-30PX☍Multiple law enforcement agencies continued searching parts of the state, after the Leake County Sheriff's Office told residents to "please keep your doors locked and have no keys or weapons in your vehicles."↧1808Y2500121MDT•According to the bill, a suspect convicted of "attempted aggravated homosexuality" can be jailed for 14 years, and the offense of "attempted homosexuality" is punishable by up to 10 years.➹

✿Small Mercies is the story of a desperate mother trying to find her daughter and getting in trouble with the mob in the process, but it's also much more than that. Set against the tumultuous months of manifestations, constant anger, violence, anti-government sentiment, and rampant racism that marked Boston's desegregation of its public schools, this novel cuts to the heart of the problem and offers a scathing look at a how race was seen by many Southie residents.♧1206J0160821MXR♥Zelenskyy vowed Sunday that Ukraine would ultimately prevail in the war.♥


☂Living together in harmony is a theme Mutu plans to highlight with her next projects. She explains she wants to explore new techniques to tell stories "that will hopefully fight and cure our perpetual fear of one another."→0505Y2501P30BQT✐Dobbs would be fired the day after a $2.7 billion defamation suit was filed against Fox by Smartmatic, another voting tech company falsely accused on Fox of participating in defrauding Trump of victory. (Smartmatic was only active in Los Angeles County during the 2020 elections, according to company officials and its lawsuit remains pending in federal court.) Fox said Dobbs' hasty exit was part of a post-election rejiggering.◣LQP03TN1N3C02D⇍"For the team, cooking safely means standing by your pan ... but thanks to the model we also found out that for someone who uses a wheelchair that may also mean covering your legs," Galbo added, calling it a powerful example of why it was so important to work with models who live with a disability themselves.↚CWR09NB105JCC▒Ellsberg did just that. On June 13, 1971, the first story ran atop the front page.ˍ

▩"The international community is facing a historic turning point, facing divisions and conflicts such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Sudan," Kishida said in a statement issued late Friday.«2225J5000472KXT⇑It was unclear if there are similar security concerns around the Pinduoduo app for Apple users, and Pinduoduo was still available to download from Apple's iOS store Tuesday.♕


⇉Responders found an adult male unresponsive at the scene, and he was later declared dead.⇃150D475X9035B2TE3◘Residents should cover water tanks to avoid contamination, wear masks so as to not breathe in the ash, clear fallen debris from the roofs of their homes to prevent damage caused by heavy deposits, and have evacuation survival kits ready for themselves and their pets.□C1206X473J4REC7210√It's a challenging crossroads for policymakers, caught between persistently high prices and the rising risk of recession.☀MMSZ20T1G☣The strange omens don't stop there. On the same day as Betty's birth, which we're told is relatively soon after 9/11, the Rummani family's ancestral soap factory is bombed by the Israeli army in the Palestinian city of Nablus (in a likely echo of the two soap factories destroyed there in 2002). Even though Betty's grandmother, Saeeda, had already sold the factory long ago — to the horror of the rest of the Rummanis — the building was nevertheless a part of the family history, a place that once upon a time made soap so blue that it dyed the skin of its users the same shade. Coincidence? Maybe, and maybe not. It depends, really, on who is telling the story.유

✑GM says it will offer "courtesy transportation" on a case-by-case basis to owners who fear driving vehicles that are part of the recall.↭K681M10X7RF5UH5↮When the sounds we are exposed to aren't helping us learn a new skill or stay safe at a busy intersection, the brain can get distracted and have trouble focusing.☃

♨The Brazilian charges were dropped after the congressman's deal and there are no further cases there against him, Santos' lawyer told NPR.▀


❏During a pregame news conference before the season's regular season finale against the Dallas Mavericks, Popovich, who has coached the Spurs for the past 27 years, bypassed conversations about his retirement and singled out congressional politicians such as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan for their apparent inaction.◩GRM1555C1E4R9CZ01D♨The family soon ran into financial hardship. Yulia, who, prior to the invasion, worked as an auditor, could only find a job planting trees in a local forestry. Elena tried her luck at a fish processing factory. The physically demanding jobs were not enough to make ends meet. Back in Ukraine, Elena's husband, Alexander, ended up unemployed as his workplace was destroyed in war. The only remaining salary of Yulia's husband was not enough to support the whole family abroad.✿FG28C0G2A390JNT06☪But the Fed has also promised to examine whether gaps in its own oversight allowed problems at the bank to fester.▦BCP55TF↠"The world knows that some of the most persecuted people on this planet are those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community," Orta said, saying some of her clients face victimization in Mexico because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.❂

⇚Shy is the third and shortest of his trio of largely unplotted, unconventional, neo-modernist novels involving unhappy lads and their stressed parents. It's also his first not to rely on an odd supernatural being to help save the day. (Though a couple of dead badgers play an unusual role in this latest dark scenario.)↠1206J0638P20BAR☄He and a RAND colleague, Anthony Russo, had access to a copy of the 7,000-pages of classified documents and historical narrative they kept at RAND. They began smuggling sections of it out to photocopy them at night, one page at a time. It took most of two years.♣


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