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☚Organizers say the award recognizes that their resistance against Russia's invasion is a defense "not just of the sovereignty of their country and the life of its citizens, but also of Europe and European values."▒AOD2904◙BERLIN — Police across Europe arrested dozens of people, raided homes and seized millions of euros in assets on Wednesday, in a coordinated crackdown on Italy's 'ndrangheta organized crime syndicate, one of the world's most powerful, extensive and wealthy drug-trafficking groups.☞CGA2B2NP01H331J050BA✯At the same time as the portal draws students into its orbit, the introduction of the NCAA's name, image and likeness (NIL) policy in 2021 — which, for the first time, allowed athletes to accept money for promotional activities — has added another enticement.▩GMK316BBJ106MLHT⇕Two years ago, the NTSB released a study aimed at improving procedures to tackle the problem. Its recommendations range from more stringent enforcement of seat belt requirements to improving pilot reports of turbulence.↧

☜In his new book Traffic: Genius, Rivalry, and Delusion in the Billion-Dollar Race to Go Viral, Ben Smith, former editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed News, lands on his promise to chronicle the rise of digital media through the story of a snowballing, head-to-head competition — between characters like Peretti and Nick Denton of Gawker Media, between the right and the left and, eventually, between the new found power of social networks and the institutions they helped create — in an attempt to answer the question: How did we get here?☼2220Y0500100FFR↷And this is far from the only time that's happened, Washington Post sports columnist and ESPN panelist Kevin Blackistone told Morning Edition on Monday.➶


✏The move comes after a bipartisan group of federal lawmakers introduced a bill calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require AM in new vehicles at no additional cost.☜CDR31BP120BJUMAC▋NIKKI HALEY: Good morning. Happy Mother's Day.☂CDR32BP100BKUR↮"I'm getting reports that it was pretty bad," he said. He described it as a rural area, where residents mostly farmed, cut timber or worked construction jobs.▌C0603C399D4HAC7867۰Barlow, a team member with the nonprofit Rock Pool Project, briefly put the slug in a pot to get a better view of its vivid pink, purple and yellow body before returning it to the rock pool where it was discovered.⇉

○"That's why Twitter created the verification program in the first place, so that it would be very difficult for people to do that, because all the blue checked accounts were, in fact, who they say they were," Messing told NPR.⊿CWR26HC106MCFB➘Analysts say Ukraine is gearing up to soon start a spring counteroffensive to take back Russian-occupied land. The success or failure of those operations could dramatically reshape the conflict.♥


➷Kholood Khair, a researcher and academic who's also hunkered down in Khartoum, says the extreme violence has shocked residents.✌GRM0335C2A6R8CA01D★Given the complex needs of the students, "recovery schools will always be small," she said.❤0805J0250100KCR▨"Establishing a false equivalency between public broadcasters and editorial control of media by government is misleading," he said, "and undermines the essential work of providing transparency about state-backed propaganda efforts around the world."█C1206C222M4REC7800☣LAGOS, Nigeria — Fighting erupted Saturday morning in Sudan's capital Khartoum between two factions of Sudan's armed forces, with reports of gunfire and explosions across the city. After weeks of mounting tensions, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) say they have taken control of the presidential palace, the state TV station, the residence of the army chief and Khartoum International Airport, plunging the country into further turmoil.♦

⇚Both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia denied any political motives in the dispute.☢501S42E1R1AV4E▄Under Serbia's gun laws, citizens and permanent residents must meet several requirements in order to own a gun. In addition to registering their weapon, they must undergo training in handling firearms and obtain a certificate of their medical fitness. They must also store guns securely, and give valid reasons to justify owning them.★

➽It's also likely to make Beijing nervous, but a senior Biden administration official told reporters this week, "We are briefing the Chinese in advance and laying out very clearly our rationale for why we are taking these steps."↠


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JANTXV1N4978◈Nonetheless, the 1973 OLC opinion was treated as policy in the Justice Department in 2019, when independent counsel Robert Mueller was reporting on links between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Russian interference in that year's election.↧M39003/09-3006/HSD⇄But Bang and experts also say that there are bigger troubles than the group's absence.↔

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