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CWR09NB334KC➸Most airlines handled the recent surge in spring break travelers relatively well, and the cancellation rate so far this year is down significantly from last year. According to the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics, airlines canceled 1.7% of flights over the first three months of this year, far lower than the 2.7% flight cancellation rate for all of last year, and 4.1% for the first quarter of 2022.☚1825J1K20221JXT♨Given what's happened with the spotty insurance coverage of Wegovy, clinicians who treat obesity anticipate similar challenges. Dr. Beverly Tchang, an endocrinologist who treats patients with obesity, and an advisor to Ro, says clinicians in her field are anticipating FDA approval and would be happy to see another drug option. "But most of us are worried about what access is going to look like," Tchang says.⇛


♥KFF Health News, formerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues and is one of the core operating programs at KFF — the independent source for health policy research, polling and journalism.↣DZ23C4V7-G3-08☼In this NIE, which was titled "Iraq's Continuing Programs of Weapons of Mass Destruction,"☜ELJ-RF15NGFB❂"I was glad I could do this," McClain told NPR. "One person can really make a difference. People don't think so, but this proves that one person can, no matter who they are."☺VJ1206A122KXXPW1BCЮChina blasted as hypocrisy assertions by the U.S. and other G-7 countries that they are safeguarding a "rules-based international order" against "economic coercion" from Beijing and other threats.☁

♢San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers told reporters on Tuesday night that Oropesa was found hiding in a closet underneath a pile of laundry. He was taken to Montgomery County Jail and will be transferred to a facility in San Jacinto County.▤ALD810018SCLI✄The study was part of the bureau's efforts to increase its use of administrative records to more accurately tally historically undercounted populations, including residents who are not U.S. citizens, people of color and children under age 5.﹌


☪Blue was born in Mansfield, Louisiana, on July 28, 1949 to Vida Blue Sr. and Sallie Blue. He was the oldest of six.◆1825J2K00681KCR♈On Sunday, a special coronation concert produced and broadcast live by the BBC is scheduled at 8 p.m. local time or 3 p.m. ET. Held at Windsor Castle, musical icons from across the globe are expected to perform, including American pop singers Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and Welsh bass-baritone Sir Bryn Terfel.♪C317C123F3G5TA▒The Russian onslaught damaged the Kherson hospital and also left the city and the surrounding settlements without electricity.▎RDE5C1H1R0C0S1C03A【To be a finalist for best in show, a participant has to first be the top dog in its breed, and then win its group, such as hounds or terriers."♦

☜Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine, just an hour from the border with Russia. And in those first days of war, it was a scary place. At 7 a.m. on Feb. 24, the morning of the invasion, Sahan sent a text message to the classroom's group chat: "Dear Parents ... this is the information we have at the moment," she wrote. All schools in Kharkiv are closed.❁MA0201XR271M500⊕At least 234 people died as the result of clothing storage unit tip-overs between January 2000 and April 2022, according to the CPSC, 199 of whom were kids. The agency estimates that 5,300 clothing storage tip-over injuries sent people to hospitals each year from 2006 to 2021.♨


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K333Z10Y5VF5TH5↱So these are my three daughters — well-settled, beautiful, with homes and families and very proud of their mother.×C318C100F3G5TAThe pair mistakenly pulled their car onto the property of Antonio Caccavale, 43, in Southwest Ranches, a town about 20 miles northwest of Miami.☪


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LQW2BAN91NJ00L↯Later in the day, a Palestinian Israeli citizen from a village close to Tel Aviv rammed his car into ranks of tourists walking along the city's boardwalk, leaving several injured and an Italian man dead. Israeli police killed the driver after they said he reached for an object that looked like a gun — but that they later acknowledged was not a gun. His family deny that he intended to carry out any kind of assault.▏UMK105CG2R4BV-F↔Khan, 70, was ousted as prime minister after a no-confidence vote in Parliament last April.➡

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