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⇤While the Biden administration's recently announced strategy includes an expansion of Title 42 to expel migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti who were previously not subject to the policy, the expansion of the CBP One app could open the U.S. asylum system to significant numbers of migrants stranded in Mexico.▬1210J0160222JFR➻"I think there are certain extenuating circumstances, like people always say like rape or, you know, a 14-year-old cannot have a child," she said.➷C410C629B1H5TA91707200➸Khan has accused senior military and government officials of plotting a November assassination attempt that saw him shot in the leg during a rally.☁GCM155R72A152KA37J↕Still, he made a gutsy stretch run, overtaking Two Phil's to his inside and winning by a length. Mage, who didn't race as a 2-year-old, ran 1 1/4 miles in 2:01.57.♦

In order to have a claim, he said, the families would have to show that Twitter, Google, or some other social media platform "pervasively" and with knowledge, assisted ISIS in "every single attack."↗C327C240FAG5TA7301▔Medicaid in Maryland already provides some gender-affirming treatments, but the list would grow to include the ability for individuals to change their hair, make alterations to their face or neck and modify their voice through therapy. Many private insurers already offer those treatments and the law gives parity to those on Medicaid.→

☼The charges also allege that in or about October or November 2015, the owner of the National Inquirer tabloid learned that a former Trump Tower doorman was trying to sell information regarding a child that Trump had allegedly fathered out of wedlock. At the owner's direction, his publishing company negotiated and signed an agreement to pay the former doorman $30,000 to acquire exclusive rights to the story. The company then allegedly falsely characterized this payment in its records. It bought the information from the former doorman without fully investigating his claims — and later concluded that it was not true — but the owner directed that the deal take place because of his agreement with Trump and his lawyer.☼

▔NIKKI HALEY: Good morning. Happy Mother's Day.◘

〓Hao, 20, has been in physical therapy since the shooting and could attend the game once he was cleared to travel by medical professionals.→


ⓔIt was October 2021 and the staff at Johnson Memorial Health were hoping they could finally catch their breaths. They were just coming out of a weeks-long surge of COVID hospitalizations and deaths, fueled by the Delta variant.➼T491D106K035AT72807622♪"It was consistent, and it was powerful," the lawyer said.♬0805Y1000181FAR♟Delores Lowery remembers vividly the day in 2016 when she was working in a weaving plant near her home in Bennettsville, S.C., and the world around her seemed to go dim.☆VJ1206A820KLCAJ32▢Her situation echoed the ouster this year of two Tennessee lawmakers from that state's legislature for a protest over gun policy.

▬It's not just professional musicians getting involved either.↚T491D107M006ZTAC00➷Chinook salmon are the "largest and most highly prized" of all the salmon in the Pacific ocean, according to the council. But over the years, the species has become increasingly endangered as a result of drought, heat waves and agriculture.⇟

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