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ZC831BTC⇩Ilana Masad is a fiction writer, book critic, and author of the novel All My Mother's Lovers.◊CL21X475MAQNNNE➙"I would find it hard to believe that there was a two-hour high-speed chase," he said. "We will find out the exact duration of it. But if it's 10 minutes, a 10-minute chase is extremely dangerous in New York City"●


◘But the host's brash good humor could also deflect critics. When I interviewed him again in 2012 for the Tampa Bay Times, I asked about normalizing violent behavior for viewers. He had a ready response:✎NVGS4141NT1G∴"My metric," says Doherty, "is does this need to exist?"☻AOZ5332QI_1☻The Okmulgee County Sheriff's office was unable to immediately confirm the identity of the victims, but said authorities are no longer searching for the two girls or the man they believed they were with.☀GRM188R71A224JA01D♨Overland travel through contested areas was possible but dangerous. Khartoum is about 840 kilometers (520 miles) from Port Sudan on the Red Sea.«

❏"I cannot describe the heartache I feel at hearing the news from this morning, not just as an advocate for the rights of migrants, but as a resident of Brownsville," Rochelle Garza, president of the Texas Civil Rights Project, said in a tweet on Sunday.♣C0603X222K5GECAUTO▨The DOJ has accused Alabama, where Jordan was incarcerated, of failing to adequately protect incarcerated people from violence, sexual abuse, and excessive force by prison staff, and of holding prisoners in unsanitary and unsafe conditions.


☁In the first three months of this year there have been 15 cases, total, in the entire world.☜GA1210A682KXBAT31G×"Vaccination for wildlife is certainly not routine yet," said Jacob Negrey, a biologist at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. "But whether it should be used more often is a fundamental question that conservation biologists are really wrangling with right now."➥1808Y0250561KXT↮Utah and Idaho also began to see smoke from the wildfires on Friday and warned vulnerable residents to be careful.▫1N5954CE3/TR13♀"My concerns and my want for my son to be home with us were overshadowed in knowing that he was fulfilled," wrote Cheri Campbell, Christopher's mother, in a statement provided to NPR.▦

⇖The Food and Drug Administration endorsed Opvee, a nasal spray update of the drug nalmefene, which was first approved as an injection in the mid-1990s but later removed from the market due to low sales. Naloxone comes as both a nasal spray and injection.▣C1206H161J2GACT500⇉Noh also suggested his own actions might qualify as art, rather than a mere transgression, as he transformed Cattelan's work and put it back on display.↢

☇The Paris prosecutor closed the case but after the families filed another complaint, an anti-terror judge was appointed to dig further into the case.△


⊕Maybe the biggest development in this episode is that Kendall succumbs entirely to this world of nonsense. (If you want to imagine a word stronger than "nonsense" that I cannot use here, feel free.) He genuinely wanted to be a better person than his dad was. But here, he commits to a scheme of price-spiking that's dishonest, doomed in the long term, probably illegal, wacky in the extreme — and relatively likely to work in the short term precisely because of the irrational way this part of the marketplace works. It doesn't matter what's true, it only matters what people believe is true. Substance is nothing, appearances are everything.↜K221K15C0GK5TH5◆He had been the subject of an Interpol Red Notice.▍C1206C333M1REC7800♜London's Metropolitan Police said four people were detained on suspicion of criminal damage and obstructing the highway Thursday morning in relation to the protest.➸FQH18N50V2As women age, the effect of weight on their wealth gets worse. The National Institutes of Health published a report that found that the financial net worth of moderately to severely obese women ages 51 to 61 was 40% lower than that of normal-weight peers.♩

The United Nations said Tuesday it is reviewing its presence in Afghanistan after the Taliban barred Afghan women from working for the world organization — a veiled suggestion the U.N. could move to suspend its mission and operations in the embattled country.▐MC03MTX6V3106↩"There's only so much people are going to bear in how much does it cost to fly from New York to L.A. or Chicago to Miami or whatever," Shariff said.❤

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