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VJ1206A221JLEAJ32○The Manye sisters were in a church choir that also sang at garden parties held by the town's white people. How the tour abroad came about is unclear. Katie said that a Mr. Howells from England came up with the idea of a tour under the supervision of English managers. Professor Veit Erlmann, a German musicologist who has written extensively about the choir, suggests that the idea came from missionaries and maybe some of the choir members themselves.☋2220Y6300150FCR◥The result wasn't close. City Hall said on its website about 103,000 people voted, with 89% rejecting e-scooters and just 11% supporting them.▄

♬The army has been conducting major offensives in the countryside, where it has faced some of the toughest resistance in Sagaing, in Myanmar's historic heartland. The resistance forces have no defense against air attacks.⊡

↹She could have just quit. The race was long decided, and rain was falling in torrents. But Bou Samnang was running for her country — Cambodia — so she kept going, racing alone on a track in Phnom Penh. And for that, she is being hailed as an inspiration.▨


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C1206C101K1GACTU❒For policymakers, it is to understand the inherent limitations of intelligence and to never put pressure on the IC to see things a certain way. Doing so leads to jumbled messages that do not serve the interests of the country.↰08051C332KAJ2A➱"It got really, really violent," says Weisse. There was lots of screaming in the cabin. A flight attendant was hit by an ice bucket that became a projectile. So many people got sick from the sudden changes in altitude that flight attendants had to hand out more vomit bags, she says. Midway through the approximately 45-minute ordeal, one frightened passenger yelled out, "Please tell us this is normal!"❒


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TZQ5257B-GS08♀Welcome to the NPR series where we spotlight the people and things making headlines — and the stories behind them.◣1537-07J❖In August 1955, Till had traveled from Chicago to visit relatives in Mississippi. Donham — then 21 and named Carolyn Bryant — accused him of making improper advances on her at a grocery store where she was working in the small community of Money. The Rev. Wheeler Parker, a cousin of Till who was there, has said Till whistled at the woman, an act that flew in the face of Mississippi's racist social codes of the era.⇩

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