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◄"And I think like we saw with Roe v Wade, you had a case that was passed 50 years ago and then had various chips away at it until the ground crumbled," said Deshmukh.▒


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1210Y6300181JAR➫He dedicated the award to his children at home, saying they sacrifice a lot of time with him and his wife because of his career.♦0805Y2500103KXR♡The regulator ordered EDF to "revise its strategy" of addressing the corrosion problems, which could have major financial repercussions for the debt-laden state-owned utility as well as France's energy production capacity.█


➞A few roller coaster years finally tipped the retailer into bankruptcy.✎1210J6300390GAR◥The question to watch, he says, is whether the surge of worker power will last long enough to convince CEOs to change their tune.❁CKC21C562FDGAC7210⇔"Reach Digital Health is working toward a world where marginalized people are safe from disproportionate impacts of disease outbreaks [and] disparities in health outcomes among the most marginalized are eliminated," is the Foundation's rationale for giving the group the award.▊GA1206A152FBABR31G☾Shanahan, who worked for 15 years at The Coca-Cola Co. before becoming an academic, helped to outline a set of strategies for managing boycotts in 2019.♠

➷"I didn't talk to myself out loud, but I had internal conversations and got on very well with myself," she added.♨0805Y0160101JXT◊But Howard Hogan, a former chief demographer at the bureau who retired from the agency in 2018, contends that research is inconclusive on the potential effects a combined question could have on those groups, particularly on the Black population.→


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0805Y0630510GQT⇓Carter, the younger brother of the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, was found submerged and dead at age 34 in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California, on Nov. 5, the autopsy report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner said.↞C0603C430M1HACAUTO◤It's not only Italy that loses pieces of its history when artifacts are discovered in clandestine excavations and smuggled off to art dealers for profitable sales. Academic experts, deprived of valuable information about the context of the area where the objects were originally found, lose out on knowledge about past civilizations, too."☼

﹌"It is a very important case to us ... because of those families that need to travel and want affordable tickets and good service," Justice Department lawyer Bill Jones said during closing arguments.♕


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