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۰The Justice Department has joined the Pentagon in an urgent effort to determine how secret military documents on the war in Ukraine made their way onto multiple social media sites.▦C0805C150F8HACAUTO◥Residents fleeing the capital have described seeing bodies littering sidewalks and central squares, particularly in areas not far from the museum. Roughly 500 civilians have been killed in the fighting so far, according to Sudan's doctors' syndicate, though the true number of dead is believed to be higher.☻C0805X750F5HAC7800↼Kirsch's path to the conference started with an effort to find treatments for COVID.↯108R-153J▪"When I entered the portal, a lot of people, a lot of fans would come and tag my page and say, 'He's leaving because of NIL.' But at the end of the day, I have bigger goals than a few thousand dollars that I can make in college. I'm trying to make it to the next level," he said.◈

✑The boy was the first migrant child to die in U.S. custody during the Biden administration, according to a report from NPR member station WLRN. At least six migrant children died in U.S. custody during the Trump administration.☂SQCB5A182KAJME▨Officers who opened the box found the decomposing body of a man, whom they described as wearing women's clothes.➮


➝Expand ‘don’t say gay’ (H.B. 1069)★C0805T470J5GALTU❉Bolster ‘media accountability’ (H.B. 991/S.B. 1220)™0805Y5002P70DATぃ"I couldn't fathom putting myself in that situation [but] he was a cut above a lot of people when it comes to morals and sense of duty," Rumsey said.➞CC1206JRNPOBBN151☺Your brain has to work overtime to ignore sounds. Inside the cochlea — the spiral cavity of the inner ear that produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations — there are inner hair cells and outer hair cells that interact to amplify or deamplify the vibrations. Say you are listening to a piece of music on the radio, but traffic noise is in the background. Kraus says your brain will tell the outer hair cells to slow down and deamplify the traffic noise to protect your ears.➢

☀Confirmed cases have already been reported across the border in Mozambique, while the WHO said it assessed the current risk of spread inside Malawi and to other neighboring countries as "very high."❒12061C562KAT4A✌"A lot of this work is really well-intended, trying to use machine learning, artificial intelligence to improve people's mental health ... but unless we do the research, we're not going to know if this is the right solution," he said.■


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08052U2R4CAT2A♨"The CDC should be redirecting efforts to understanding in as real-time as possible what's driving variability across states and regions in mortality," he says.⇘FG28C0G2A390JNT06▐About a year later, Callender wrote an article publicizing Jefferson's relationship with Sally Hemings, an enslaved woman on his estate, and the existence of their children.♚


◎Manchec was originally arrested Dec. 18, 2014, and charged with 49 counts of possession of child pornography. He quickly posted a $490,000 bond to get out of jail pending his trial, according to a sworn arrest affidavit for one of Manchec’s alleged co-conspirators.┱TPSC156K025T0300◘This story was produced in partnership with KFF Health News and WESA. Support for this reporting came from The Commonwealth Fund, the Association of Health Care Journalists and KFF Health News.√VKO332MCQCF0KR♀This month marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and in this episode, we are going to look back at the war.  Specifically, we are going to look at the many roles played by CIA during the war, and we are going to talk about the long-term consequences of the conflict.▕SC414MF-5R6↚But Republicans, who won control of the House of Representatives in 2022, have vowed to only raise the limit from its current $31.4 trillion maximum if spending curbs are enacted.↻

☆House Speaker Kevin McCarthy outlined a proposal to lift the nation's credit limit for one year in exchange for significant spending cuts and GOP policy changes to federal assistance programs, as negotiations between McCarthy and President Biden on the issue remain stalled.↱FCA47N60F☪Now a new study points to a surprisingly simple and inexpensive solution: Basically, if the woman lies on a plastic sheet with a small transparent pouch at the other end to collect the blood, the medical team has an immediate sense of how much danger she's in and can take swift action.▨


↦The details of several Medicare Summary Notices — quarterly statements of services beneficiaries received — obtained by KFF Health News show Medicare paid suppliers $94.08 for at-home covid testing using a billing code for "a single test." Most retail pharmacies sell a two-pack of tests for about $24.☆1782-67F♪Rebecca Deen, a political science professor at UT Arlington, says these more extreme policies have also made the issue of abortion more salient. Voters hear about it more often and that means they're thinking about it more often.▒BZX884S-B33YL▆Contrary to what several officials have stated, Ortiz believes the dramatic spike experienced over the last five or six days, driven by people rushing to get to the U.S. before Title 42 was lifted, is likely to be the peak.↬TMK042CG1R1BD-W◩Yet San Diego State has a slight defensive edge over UConn, allowing about 63 points per game, more than a point under than the Huskies. And their win-loss record this season (32-6) outpaces UConn's (30-8), thanks to a solid defense. The Aztecs have flexed their scoring muscle too; take Lamont Butler's buzzer-beater in the Final Four upset against Florida Atlantic University.✪

▷Chung eventually staked out a new life for herself far from her adoptive parents, both in physical distance and social class. Her new memoir A Living Remedy grapples with the guilt and grief that accompany that distance, and the pain of not being able to help her parents when they needed her most. In the process, Chung crafts a deeply personal reckoning with our country's entrenched inequalities and an elegy for her parents.√B82498F3560J1ºMurdaugh admitted during his murder trial that he had created a web of financial crimes that bilked millions from vulnerable clients of his law practice, saying: “I believe the people I had stole money from for all of those years trusted me.” Murdaugh, the patriarch of a South Carolina legal dynasty whose case drew international attention, apologized several times during his testimony for swindling clients among whom were teenage girls and a quadriplegic man.♂

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