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◁When Walgreens this year announced its intention to dispense abortion medication in its retail stores, Republican attorneys general banded together to threaten legal action, prompting the company to rescind its decision in red states.◆


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0603J0630220JCR⇅Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell to 3.4% in April from 3.5% in March. The unemployment rate for African Americans fell to 4.7% — a record low.①M39003/01-5035/TR«"We are imposing further sanctions and measures to increase the costs to Russia and those who are supporting its war effort," the statement said. "We are also building on the success of our efforts to ensure that Russia is no longer able to weaponize the availability of energy against the world."▢


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GRM1556S1H9R7CZ01D▎Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the war games as part of regular training intended to "maintain the necessary level of the armed forces' readiness."◆C0805C300M3GACTU☺As of the time of publishing, the Supreme Court has not issued a response to Durbin's call for testimony.☊


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AQ145C472JAJME➘As president, Trump reinstated executions of federal inmates sentenced to the death penalty in 2019. Before leaving the Oval Office in 2021, Trump oversaw 13 executions, more than any other president in at least 100 years, according to Federal Bureau of Prisons records.▇PMEG045T150EIPDZ⇕The IRS won't threaten to have the police arrest you or demand that you make an immediate payment with a specific payment type, like a prepaid debit card. "That's a sure sign that it's a scam," Brown says.►

☞Jay said that when he broke the news to his father that he was an internet sensation, Brandt was similarly amused.♙

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