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1N5251B_T50AA separate video, posted on TikTok by a zoogoer who had experienced the encounter, showed a handler luring the kiwi — which are nocturnal — into a dark box, only to open the lid to show the guests.✏199D156X0016C2V1☝But this hyperfocus on creating and improving scores, Kiviat writes, "leaves little room for conversations about ... why it is so hard for scoreless (or any other) Americans to get the goods and services they need without resorting to taking on debt."【


☻Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, DeSantis suggested Monday that the new board or lawmakers could take other actions with the Disney's 27,000 acres (10,926 hectares) in central Florida, such as building a state park, a competing theme park or a prison.➱2225Y2K00152KCR☽"The racist remark was said. I do not believe it was to me," Ebobisse said in a post-game press conference.♜PA0513.441NL◐Zelenskyy held his hand of his heart as the pope, using a cane, came to greet him before ushering the Ukrainian into a papal studio near the Vatican's audience call. "Thank you for your visit,'' Francis said, as their 40-minute-long meeting began.▨2225Y0250394JDT✣Nichole has some advice for Congress: "After the Congressional hearing, it was very clear that you may not have done all of your due diligence that you owe us as your constituents. You really need to get on the app and have a better understanding of the decisions being made, and how it's going to affect the greater good of the people."♛

▧During a Senate hearing in February, Southwest Airlines chief operating officer Andrew Watterson said the company was working hard to refund airfares for canceled flights and to reimburse customers for extra expenses that they incurred, like hotels and meals.▌2220J0160822JFR☞Biden's optimistic comments came after the White House issued a lengthy statement implying that Republicans were not negotiating in good faith.➝


⊕A previous version of this story incorrectly presented which team had which score.✄CWR19KC226KBGZ◐When asked whether she was trying to derail Trump's 2024 presidential campaign, Daniels laughed. "He doesn't need my help for that. He's going to do that on his own," she quipped.♦S1210-152F▩The retailer says its 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and 120 BuyBuy Baby stores remain open, but will shutter over time. Starting on Wednesday, April 26, the chain will stop accepting coupons and discounts and sales will be final. Gift cards are expected to stay valid through May 8.♥511R-32G☀Pending the outcome of the investigation, he could be charged with Class B misdemeanors, including disturbing wildlife, disorderly conduct (creating a hazardous condition) and approaching wildlife, according to Morgan Warthin, a spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park.♝

ⓥ"These are not small rivers. They are rivers rivaling the size of the Colorado River," says Abbas. Of the Indus Waters Treaty, he says dividing up rivers and not letting them flow "is something unthinkable today" because in contemporary times "you cannot think of shutting down a river."↩06035C822KAT4A✄Santos was released on a $500,000 bond.↳


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1808Y1000473KXT⇄That detail was quickly shared with Paul Guerrero, acting commander with the U.S. Border Patrol’s elite tactical unit, who arrived a minute later, according to body-camera footage. A rifle shield is brought in by a U.S. marshal. But Guerrero did not breach the classroom with his team for almost 40 more minutes, according to The Post’s review of available post-shooting interviews and videos.▋SI3441BDV-T1-E3┲Dadeville is a small city with a population of approximately 3,000 people. It's located about an hour's drive from the state capital of Montgomery.✪


➹Over the years, magical circus books have become a staple of the fantasy genre, and it can be difficult for a new example to really distinguish itself. The First Bright Thing's use of time travel and its characters' dedication to shaping the future they hope for is where it shines. Themes of found family, faith, queerness, and free will weave in and out of the timelines along with the Ringmaster and her crew. The circus itself serves, as it often does, as a symbol of a place where the impossible becomes reality — and the power of that is the reason why circus stories will continue to enchant readers for years to come.☞0805J5004P70DAT↔Vaughns' hunger showed up on the football field almost immediately. He amassed nearly 100 tackles over the span of his two seasons with Utah State and was embraced by the local Aggies fan base.↙C1206C152J1RECAUTO"I like transparency. I think that in certain situations, it's a good thing. I do have a problem with leaking of pictures," Habba added. "I think that because we're in a campaign, because he's the leading GOP candidate, it's not going to help anything."▨RPER71H105K3M2C07A♙President Biden promised this week that any North Korean nuclear attack against the U.S. or its allies "will result in the end of whatever regime" launched it. Biden's remarks were apparently intended to deter North Korea, but some in Seoul did not find the promise of U.S. nuclear retaliation very comforting.⇁

•At least one account appears to have lost its verification, though: The New York Times. In response to a user's meme about the newspaper refusing to pay for the check, Musk replied, "Oh ok, we'll take it off then."♡SRR1003-330MThe operation, which was led by the department's Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement (JCODE) team, involved other agencies such as the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and 30 U.S. attorneys' offices.❂


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