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♠"[Barzman] and J.F. agreed to split the money that they made from selling the Fraudulent Paintings," the DOJ said. "J.F. and [Barzman] created approximately 20-30 artworks by using various art materials to create colorful images on cardboard."▪VJ1206A121KLAAJ32▨The owner of Houston's sole lesbian bar says she was denied insurance coverage for her business because it hosts drag shows — a denial she says is in part due to Texas' proposed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.↴1812J1000681FAR✚Nichola Clark, an oceans expert at the Pew Charitable Trusts who observed the talks in New York, called the long-awaited treaty text "a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect the oceans — a major win for biodiversity."☇150D826X9015S2T♣Liz Adams of Plant City, Fla., has two kids and they were among those in Florida who lost coverage in April. She found out while trying to figure out the time of her son's biopsy appointment. Her son survived leukemia and has a variety of ongoing health problems.✲

↿It was Black voters who helped Biden break through a crowded Democratic primary field in 2019, awarding him a decisive victory in South Carolina.✪GA1210H473JXXAT31GˍSecurity forces have also intensified a crackdown against Khan's supporters and senior advisers. Some, after being released on bail, stepped out of the courthouses and were arrested again. "It's a total banana republic right now," Khan told NPR. "We are headed for out-and-out martial law."


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PZU6.8B1,115✃He does have one hardcover book that reminds him of before the war: It's a version of that kindergarten yearbook Iryna Sahan had in Kharkiv.♬1210J0160183JFTⓞSo the question remained as to whether the agents were involved "officially" and "with their bosses' approval" or if Guney was a rogue actor, a source close to the case said.◦


√But the ceremony is about more than crowning the new monarch. The event — which lasts through Monday — will be filled with celebrations, performances and royal customs not seen since 1953 during Elizabeth's coronation.▀3P4MH(YM)-AZ▊Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg alleges "an unconstitutional attempt to undermine" his investigation and is suing Jim Jordan, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for what he says are Jordan's attempts to influence an active New York state prosecution.◘C1812C822K1RACAUTO↠Later Monday, Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou is due to hand Mitsotakis the mandate to try to form a coalition government — which he is expected to return.➶CP188-BC546B-CT▽HIROSHIMA, Japan and KYIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Hiroshima, Japan, on Saturday to attend the group of seven leading industrial nations' summit as member states intensify sanctions on Russia.⇣

◐Regardless of the merits of this case against Trump in New York — and lots of legal experts have questioned the strength of Bragg's case — Trump still faces at least three other criminal probes with potentially more serious consequences.⇗EFC6611R-TF◘As part of its decision, the school committee ruled that The ABCs of Black History should also move to the middle school space, despite being intended for readers ages 5 and older.❤


☏Opponents of mifepristone have argued that the agency ignored safety risks with mifepristone when it approved the drug and later removed important safeguards, like reducing the number of doctor's appointments needed to receive a prescription.♂CR105NP-391KC▥The juvenile suspect's age was confirmed by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, according to The Dallas Morning News.£M39006/09-8548√The result wasn't close. City Hall said on its website about 103,000 people voted, with 89% rejecting e-scooters and just 11% supporting them.▪CDR31BP470BJUS↱For now, investors seem happy to let SpaceX try out its massive, potentially interplanetary rocket. But Farrar says that if the launch fails and Starship falls further behind schedule, it could affect all of SpaceX's business, especially in the current financial climate.┱

♘But their numbers are few.⊟GJM0335C2A2R6CB01D【The new dress code restrictions for employees will replace the previous one outlined by the state agency's employee handbook, The Observer reported. The original dress code made no references to "biological gender."▀

▪Rebecca Johnson, now chief scientist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., previously led the Koala Genome Consortium in Australia. She said that seeing the effects of the disease up close was heartbreaking.Ю


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