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█The current violence came after Burhan and Dagalo fell out over a recent internationally brokered deal with democracy activists that was meant to incorporate the RSF into the military and eventually lead to civilian rule.☆0603J0630121FQT↷Riepe introduced a measure Thursday that would have extended the proposed ban to 12 weeks and add to the bill's list of exceptions any fetal anomalies deemed incompatible with life.◥C1206X223K5REC7800◁The DOJ case has serious flaws, including incomplete chat messages, cooperating witnesses that lied to the government on multiple occasions and documents Tarrio may never have opened, the defense lawyer said.↭1210Y0630105KXR☆At a press conference on Sunday, Sayegh said there will be a heightened police presence at mosques throughout the city to ensure people's safety in the remaining days of Ramadan. "You should not be afraid to pray, you should feel safe to pray," Sayegh added.↗

↸It was a "textbook case of mismanagement."☺VJ1812Y393KBLAT4X☈The first three chapters of the online cookbook are titled: "You're Toasted," "You're Smashed," and "You're Wasted."➴


■To some degree, the same happens with Cotton, whose shady past and strange relationship with Magnolia are hard to swallow; Eden, who constantly looks like someone else and often vanishes only to return drunk but who also helped Magnolia with her abortion; and even Cigarette Sammy, who conveys a plethora of emotions with basically no dialogue at all. They are all slightly wrecked by life and lost and readers don't get all the pieces to their identity puzzles — but that, like many other things in the novel, merely reflects reality painfully well.♧C1210X123F8JAC7800◨She says several private and religious organizations provide free caskets and other services, but said public funds for infant funerals is not currently part of the "Alternatives to Abortion" state program. "That's not to say that it shouldn't be, and if the legislature decided to move that direction, we would support that," O'Donnell says.☞T494C336M006AT↹Still, Maggi never saw playing time with the Twins that season, nor in 2022, when he signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. He was traded back to the Pirates later that season, returning to the team that first drafted him.➡CC0603KRX7R0BB562卐"It's uncomfortable when we see the labor market weaken, but given how vexing inflation has been over the last two years, some softening of the labor market is necessary," said Sarah House, senior economist at Wells Fargo.♨

Nelson said it's easy enough to give a second or third dose of naloxone if it wears off.▫2SD13280TL❀Rushdie was clearly elated to attend the gala, but his voice sounded frailer than it once did and the right frame of his glasses was dark, concealing the eye blinded by his attacker.۰


░Carter, the younger brother of the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, was found submerged and dead at age 34 in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California, on Nov. 5, the autopsy report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner said.➹C330C102JAG5TAIn the most sacred part of the service, the Archbishop of Canterbury will anoint the king with oil, consecrating him and setting him apart from his subjects.▬SRR1208-820YL▱"It was February of last year when we had two back-to-back school shooting threats," said Cooper. "But they were using social media like Snapchat to make these threats. And I don't think they understood the severity of the consequences because they thought it was a joke."↯C1206C184K8JACAUTO▐Turner, who moved to Switzerland in 1995, started easing up on her workload in the late '90s and '00s, and ended up retiring after a 50th anniversary tour in 2009. However, she was still an active steward of her own legacy; in fact she also worked closely on the development of Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, which opened on Broadway in fall 2019. And at the 2008 Grammy Awards, she performed a showstopping version of "Proud Mary" with Beyoncé. With hindsight, it's easy to interpret the moment as Turner passing the torch to a younger musician. However, the performance also once again reaffirmed that she was squarely in control of her rich musical legacy.☍

⇡Thefts of Hyundai and Kia vehicles have exploded recently. Los Angeles saw an 85% increase in Hyundai and Kia thefts in 2022, while Minneapolis says it saw thefts of the two makes jump by 836% last year.♐CKC21C682MDGACAUTO☼Harry and William greeted members of the public outside Windsor Castle after the funeral, along with Meghan and William's wife Kate, the Princess of Wales.£


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1210J2000182GFTⓥAt least 520 protesters have been killed and 19,400 people have been arrested, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran, a group that has been monitoring the unrest. Iranian authorities have not provided official figures on deaths or arrests.☭C2012X7R1A475K085AC⇈Thriving businesses used to be commonplace in these farm-focused communities. Today it's rare.❐


☈"The people of Gaston County will see and hear our commitment to that prosecution," Page said.♥0805Y0250822JDT❈During a press conference on Tuesday announcing the effort, one of the bill's sponsors, State Sen. Karen Keiser, said she's concerned about the power of judges to make decisions affecting patients even in states where abortion remains legal.❒CWR11JB474KBC◐The prohibition means sports teams at public colleges and universities have had to find other ways to pay for road games in states like Arizona and Utah. And it has complicated some of the state's other policy goals, like using state money to pay for people who live in other states to travel to California for abortions.♥FDPF51N25YDTU✄The outbreak has been caused by the Sudan strain of the virus, for which there is currently no vaccine.⇚

✃MAKRIDIS: Some of the things that were put into place after afterwards were in particular sort of this alternative analysis issue where we really did try on big judgment to to come up with a variety of analytic techniques to sort of tease out, you know, the uncertainties. And there are a variety of techniques that people can read about. There's pre mortems that's sort of one of my favorite ones. But red teaming, double advocacy, brainstorming, alternative futures, competing hypotheses, these are all ways to sort of get at. Let's take a look at this. And, you know, where are the weaknesses in our argument and lay those out for the policymakers. So, you know, today, when we're making a big analytic judgment, we include how could we be wrong?↬CWR09FB105JBB⚘A group of small children sits cross-legged with their teacher, Steve Mejía-Menendez, on a round carpet. He's a pre-K teacher at Lee Montessori Public Charter School's campus in Southeast Washington, D.C., and although I'm here to meet him, I almost don't spot him because he's eye level with his students.☆


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