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2225J2000333JXT▂Zelenskyy last visited Japan in 2019 and met with then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Hiroshima, destroyed by a nuclear attack in World War II, is also laden with symbolism, as Zelenskyy has warned that nuclear-armed Russia could escalate its war on Ukraine.➝MA0805XR272K250◈Bob Iger, The Walt Disney Company's CEO, attributed the Disney+ downturn partly to a "maturation process." The streaming service launched in 2019, and in the beginning, Iger said their goal was to, "flood the digital shelves as much as possible." He said that lead to a lot of content that did not increase subscriptions and that the company plans to cut back on production.♦

➬After reviewing recent federal tax receipts, our best estimate is that we will be unable to continue to satisfy all of the government's obligations by early June, and potentially as early as June 1, if Congress does not raise or suspend the debt limit before that time," Yellen wrote in a letter to lawmakers.☎


➮The new version of the 2016 movie is under development, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who played the character Maui, said in a video.◤38L322C⇊"This work can take you to the undercurrents and the underbelly of society sometimes," Harrison said. "It takes a team."♣195D686X9016R2T◇In 2022, the House Oversight Committee launched an inquiry into allegations of workplace misconduct by the Washington Commanders owner, Dan Snyder.▄NSVT45010MW6T3G▫The burning debris was too hot for dogs in the firefighters' canine team to work until Sunday afternoon, and smoke still bothered them, Laurens said.♂

◦The Patsy Cline CD arrived at Hastings' home unblemished, prompting the duo in 1998 to launch a DVD-by-mail rental website that they always knew would be supplanted by even more convenient technology.❥C1206X919C1HACAUTO♦Military analysts say they believe the original versions of the documents were slightly altered in some instances.♀

❥Target did not reply to a series of follow-up questions from NPR, such as which items were removed and whether it was increasing security at its stores.⇏


⇜"He inflicted that kind of terror after escaping from jail, killing people and shooting law enforcement. But that guy won't be killing anyone else," Atkinson said.ºT355E106K025AS➩Khan was finally indicted Wednesday in the original graft case for which he appeared at the Islamabad court on Tuesday, pleading not guilty. In that case, he faced multiple graft charges brought by Islamabad police.↘VS-42CTQ030-1-M3♂McCarthy has waved off the veto threat to reporters, saying the president also vowed to oppose GOP bills to end the pandemic and block a D.C. crime bill, but he later supported their measures.♪STPS10M60SF☜MillerKnoll says the clip was "taken out of context and struck a nerve."✪

✿"We've had emergency crews digging people out of their basements because the house is collapsed on top of them, but luckily they had that safe space to go to," Sheriff Bill Rutan said at a news conference.▄CDR31BP180BFWSAP♨The perpetrators, who are often minors, drive recklessly and sometimes crash, the attorneys general said, and attending to both the thefts and the crashes diverts law enforcement and emergency response resources from other needs.™

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