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£White doesn't overplay the gift that the family members share; their communications with those who have died all come across as natural, the kind of thing that could happen to anyone. It's a fascinating take on magical realism, which White clearly realizes; he name-checks Isabel Allende's classic The House of the Spirits at one point.❖VJ1812A101JBHAT4X◇Ben-Gvir's move this week came amid rising concern over Israel's new government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again at the helm, but he got there by forming a coalition with ultra-conservative, ultra-nationalist parties, ushering in the most far-right cabinet in Israel's history.♧CC1206FRNPO0BN560☍Cosgrove was one of seven officers involved in the deadly raid inside Taylor's apartment in the middle of the night. Police, who came to serve a no-knock search warrant, barged in — startling Taylor, a 26-year-old ER technician, and her boyfriend. Believing the officers were intruders, Taylor's boyfriend fired a single shot at them. Officers returned 32 shots, half of which were fired by Cosgrove. Two of his rounds struck Taylor.£RB238T100NZC9◘On this Tuesday night, the special council city meeting business was narrowly focused on addressing the ballooning scandal resulting from the racist texts, with the council voting to audit the department's internal affairs division, its hiring and promotional practices, and an equity audit.♠

☪In the village of Dubona, blood stained a schoolyard where some of the shots were fired and also a piece of ground by a bench where residents often sit to share a beer and chat.➼GBPC1501T⇙The NSC summary was released before Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, received the Pentagon's classified report, according to McCaul's office. On Thursday afternoon, McCaul was in Taiwan as part of a congressional delegation.◙


⇥As money poured into the cause, Kolfage and his partner, Shea, turned to Bannon and Badolato for help creating a nonprofit, We Build the Wall, Inc. The four defendants then took steps to funnel the money to themselves for personal gain, prosecutors said.➱1N5250B✄The panel's first vote approved a detailed account of historical discrimination against Black Californians in areas such as voting, housing, education, disproportionate policing and incarceration and others.↧4922-44K➴With the caveat that human trials are still needed, Pringle is optimistic that the drug could help treat poisonings from all kinds of mushrooms around the world.◈1N5270BBeals did not immediately respond to requests for comment. ERIC's executive director, Shane Hamlin, confirmed that the organization received Virginia's resignation Thursday, and Macaulay Porter, a spokesperson for Youngkin, confirmed in a statement that Virginia was withdrawing.▣

⊕The 49-year-old will begin her multi-year appointment starting this September.▋1808J2500104KDT⊡“We are not the morality police, and you cannot be someone else’s conscience,” she added later. “We must let people make these decisions for themselves.”⊙


↶The Allen Police Department and the FBI were working with Allen Premium Outlets on a plan to help shoppers retrieve any vehicles that were left at the scene.□C0805X332J5GECAUTO⊞The prize, created to honor fiction by women and non-binary writers in Canada and the United States, was named for Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Shields, who died of breast cancer in 2003. The Carol Shields Foundation provides scholarships, mentoring programs, and workshops to promote the production of literary works.▦C1210C122K4HACAUTOⓞ"Projects that capture available precipitation, stormwater, or floodwaters to recharge depleted groundwater basins need to be ready to capture high flows when they are available during each wet season," said Karla Nemeth, the agency's director.➶1229AS-H-220M=P3➹"In that sense, the situation playing out in California this year could be a window into the state's climate future, said Daniel Mountjoy, director of resource stewardship for Sustainable Conservation, a California-based nonprofit water group.¤

↨His mother and father, both former student athletes, knew the value of an education and the doors that would open if he graduated from a good college.♠1825J0100473MXR▌That brought hope of a reconciliation, Valentine Low, royal correspondent for the Times of London newspaper, told CBS News.▥


♨"In line with Administration policy and statutory requirements, departments and agencies will continue to provide timely access to medical care, examine reports thoroughly, support research efforts, and process HAVANA Act payment requests, based on eligibility criteria set forth in implemented regulations," said the Biden administration's AHI Interagency Coordinator Maher Bitar. "Our commitment to the health and safety of U.S. Government personnel remains unwavering."☪1111Y1K00330KQT♥Statton wants to try and ensure no one else has the same experience.▨2220J1K20332KXT▕Separately, federal prosecutors disclosed a cigarette trafficking scheme that raised money for North Korea's nuclear weapons program, announcing charges against three men — a North Korean banker and two Chinese facilitators. The State Department has announced a reward for information leading to their arrest.↨C0805C392J8HACAUTO▂Dance lessons are also in full swing. Sofiia splits, twists and spins as pop music blares across the mirror-lined studio.➹

↥Erdogan, along with the United Nations, helped mediate a deal with Ukraine and Russia that allowed Ukrainian grain to reach the rest of the world from Black Sea ports despite Russia's war in Ukraine. The agreement, which is implemented by a center based in Istanbul, is set to expire in days, and Turkey hosted talks last week to keep it alive.↕SR151A120KAA3246¤Opposition supporters say they'll do everything they can between now and May 28, the date of what could prove to be a historic run-off election for Turkey.♣


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CKC21X103JDGAC7210◧"Investigations found no elements of human trafficking. The boy is just believed to have entered the container, fell asleep and found himself here," the Malaysian home minister said earlier this month.↯LD053A182JAB2A➞BNSF is working with local and state agencies to investigate the cause, as well as make arrangements to remove the derailed cars from the site.☋


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