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♥The Rural Grocery Initiative was created in 2006 to help establish and sustain grocery stores in rural communities throughout Kansas. RGI has helped fund 13 different grocery stores since its grant program started in 2017.☪


◘But speculation following the since-disbarred lawyer's recent life sentence for those killings helped Sandy Smith raise more than $87,000 to have her son's body re-examined in an investigation that South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has said was never closed since the agency opened it in June 2021.☞BZD17C12P RTG✉The events of Nanuq's journey will likely always be a mystery.♤CMDZ5245B BK↗DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba shared a montage of photos and videos of the two together on Instagram, calling him "A Dancer. A teacher. A refined gentleman. A wonderful storyteller. A special soul. A mentor. A family man. And ... A treasured friend."↕CWR29JH685KBFB\W☈McCarthy has repeatedly said that including work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents enrolled in federal safety net programs like food stamps is a must-have for his conference. That provision is included in a bill House Republicans passed last month that addresses raising the debt limit.✥

◙Four people — three women and a man — were found dead inside the house, he said. The 8-year-old boy was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Capers said all five people killed had gunshot wounds to the head, adding that the shooter used an AR-15 style rifle.▣C1206C225K3PACTU⇒The Republican governor is expected to soon announce that he will seek his party's nomination to challenge President Joe Biden in next year's election.☣


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3EZ5.6D5E3/TR12♚The aquanaut has been lodging 30 feet below in a lagoon in Key Largo, Fla., for about 77 days, as of Tuesday — surpassing the previous record of 73 days set by two Tennessee educators in 2014.✥1N4752A-TR❄Of those, about 12,000 found a home at another college. Yet the fates of the more than 9,000 others vary and can include everything from dropping out of college to still being active in the portal and hoping to find a new home.☀


☣Country superstar and five-time Grammy winner Shania Twain was given the Equal Play Award, recognizing her for being a "visible and vocal advocate" for diverse voices in country music. Texas native and Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion introduced Twain and the pair danced and hugged to Twain's hit, "Man, I Feel Like a Woman."▧0819-32J♣"I just think it's really important that the congregations make sure that their ministry is connected to the community ... and [adapts] as that community changes," she says.░CDR125-150MC♟At a time when the overall economy is fragile, there continues to be a lot of uncertainty about the outlook for markets.↫CWR09FK336KCB➚President Biden and first lady Jill Biden hosted the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, a tradition since 1878.⇣

▂Robert Malley, the U.S. special envoy for Iran, said he was "horrified" by Akbari's execution.▒GJM0225C1E4R7CB01L큐"Instead, it went to great lengths to keep the abuse secret," the court filing said. "While the Archdiocese reported a large number of allegations to police, especially in later years, for decades it worked to ensure that the perpetrators would not face justice.➬


卐Thanks for listening.  I'm Michael Morell.  Please join us again next week for another epidosde of Intelligence Matters.✍1825Y1K20391FCT♂Plans also called for the exercise to include a destroyer, missile boats, ballistic missiles and land-based anti-ship missiles as well as early warning, electronic warfare and tanker aircraft, according to the The Global Times, a newspaper published by the Communist Party.↧GA0805Y563JXABC31G◈Owners can go to BMW's website to check if their vehicle is affected or call BMW customer relations at (866) 835-8615. NHTSA also has a recall lookup tool on its website.⊙DZ23C30-G3-08☏Robert Zeidman entered the challenge with a 15-page report that concluded the data from Lindell did not "contain packet data of any kind and do not contain any information related to the November 2020 election." A panel of contest judges that included a Lindell attorney declined to declare Zeidman a winner. So Zeidman filed for arbitration under the contest rules.✃

↹But Jones, a senior policy strategist with the New Mexico ACLU, told NPR there needs to be a standardized policy for use of force across all of the state's law enforcement agencies.➢0805J0630101GAT☠Catholic Women's Ordination, a British-based group that says it's devoted to fighting misogyny in the church, welcomed the reform but asked for more.☄

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