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☠The decision--and its unanimity-- were a huge win for social media companies and their supporters. Lawyer Andrew Pincus, who filed a brief on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said he saw the decision as a victory for free speech, and a vindication of Section 230's protections from lawsuits for internet platforms. What's more, he said, a contrary ruling would have subjected these platforms to "an unbelievable avalanche" of litigation.▂

➥"This is still an active investigation," they added. "Additional or enhanced charges may be filed."♣


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06033C221MAT2A→He wrote on Instagram that he is heartbroken over the loss and will "treasure the memory of our incredible adventures and hundreds of shows we did together."○VJ0805D470FXBAT↓There are believed to be hundreds of American nationals trapped in Sudan, and the U.S. government has announced no plans for evacuation flights or other efforts to get those people to safety, as European and other nations have been doing all week.✿


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CKC21X512FEGACAUTOぃ"If they came back here, it would feel like a victory," he says, sighing as they walk away.✃VJ1812A100GNGAR◎U.S. Ambassador John Godfrey tweeted that he woke to disturbing sounds of gunfire and was now sheltering along with U.S. Embassy staff in Khartoum.↳


✁Voters also gave support to Colorado in congressional elections, with the conservative party winning majorities of 45 seats in the Senate and 80n seats in the lower house.❁GRM0225C1C2R5CA03L✿"You meet people in some of their most horrifying, darkest, terrifying times," Towarnicki said. "Being with them and then seeing who they are when they leave, you don't get that doing any other job in health care."↤CDRC62NP-821MC♂By morning, police in Lahore said about 2,000 protesters still surrounded the fire-damaged residence of Lt. Gen. Salman Fayyaz Ghani, a top regional commander. They chanted slogans, including, "Khan is our red line and you have crossed it." Ghani and his family were moved to a safer place Tuesday when the sprawling house was attacked Tuesday.♥CDRH127C/ANP-471MC↳According to the White House, this marks 25 years of tax returns the Bidens have made public. Biden was vice president for eight of those years and released 22 years of returns during the 2020 campaign to draw contrast between himself and former president Donald Trump.→

卐"I think attorneys' own sense of self-preservation hopefully will go some distance towards incentivising them to do a little due diligence on the front end," Pfefferkorn said.♧SMP1345-087LF♧Protecting the confidentiality of people's information, however, may be harder with AI and other advances in computing becoming more accessible to bad actors who may try to trace publicly available statistics back to an individual by cross-referencing different datasets, says Stephen Parry, a senior statistical consultant at Cornell University who has written about best practices for collecting gender and sex data.

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